Polite Duck Returns Boy's Sandal That Fell Down A Slope

Who wants to lose anything much less one of your flipflops? After all, it is not like you can make do with only one of them.

A little boy in the Philippines found himself in an annoying situation. One of his flipflops fell off and dropped down a small hill. The flipflop was out of reach, so the little boy would be stuck retrieving it by walking 1/2 barefoot. Walking barefoot over mud isn't enjoyable, and you never know if there's something capable of cutting the skin. Sharps rocks can stay hidden in the dirt.


Thankfully, the little boy didn't have to retrieve anything on his own. A conscientious duck walked over to the flipflop, picked it up in her bill, and walked the lost item back to the young boy. He was undoubtedly thrilled for the assistance.

Passing by, Myla Aguila saw everything play out. She took out her camera to record the event, which she shared on social media.

The image went viral. If a dog or even a cat retrieved the show, the image would be a cut-but-unsurprising one. Ducks, however, aren't known for their interactions with people. And the feathered creatures don't maintain a reputation for fetching things for strangers. Yet, this intriguing duck did so.

The video is amazing and somewhat funny to watch. The tech world deserves a big thanks for the invention of the smartphone camera. Awesome videos like this one would be nothing more than unbelievable stories without the moving images to back them up.

Are there any doubters to the accuracy of this fun little story? Show them the video and change their minds. It really happened and is not special effects.