Policeman Finds Missing Man With Autism, First Thing Cop Does Is Give Him A Huge Hug

Being a police officer is often a challenging and thankless job. As we all know, the sight of a police car is generally not something that any of us want to see behind us when we’re driving down the highway, and jokes are made about officers on a daily basis. But one officer in Rohnert Park, California is being called a hero after he stepped up to help locate a man with autism who went missing.

Thirty-one-year-old Lance Grumley has a form of autism that leaves him seriously delayed and unable to even be left alone. Generally, Lance hangs out with his mom, Diane, but that all changed on May 8th.

Lance’s mom explained that he went to open the garage door but got confused when his mother’s car wasn’t where it is usually located.

Before his mom knew what had happened, Lance left out the door and took off on foot. As soon as Lance’s mom realized that he was gone, she called the police to start a search for her son.


The Rohnert Park Police force didn’t wait around when they got the call that Lance was missing. The entire force turned out to look for the missing man, anxious to help him get back home.

Officer Justin Thompson knows Lance personally and was devoted to finding him. Sure enough, Officer Thompson found Lance about ten minutes after the search began. The missing man had found his way to a nearby park.

Realizing that his uniform might overwhelm the autistic man, Thompson tossed off his hat and gloves before approaching Lance.

Seeing that Lance was obviously upset and scared, Thompson stepped forward and gave the other man a compassionate hug. Lance returned the hug, giving the officer a sturdy embrace.

Someone caught the entire, touching scene on film and uploaded it to the internet. It has quickly gone viral. It’s so nice to see some positive stories that just warm your heart!

“[Justin] is a genuine human and empathetic friend to many. He was the right person for the job,” Officer Johnson told Yahoo News.

Lance is now home, and his entire family is thankful to the police for all their help. Lance’s sister explains that they have worked hard to tell Lance that the police are friends. It appears that he took their words to heart!

Watch the video yourself and see what you think of this touching recovery. Has a police officer ever helped you? Let us hear your stories in the comment section, and then consider passing this along to your friends and family.