Police Urging All Women to Buckle Up - Their Purses To Their Shopping Carts, That Is

We're all so used to the drudgery of shopping for weekly groceries, toilet paper, clothes, toys, and pet supplies that it's easy to forget the hazard of leaving our purses and wallets unattended. Thieves are out there just waiting to take advantage the second your back is turned. Police have suggested one great way to protect your belongings in your shopping cart.

istockphotos.com/Steve Debenport

While some women have been using the hack for years, others are thrilled to hear about it and try it out for the first time, now and as the days tick down to holiday shopping season. Police in Windham, New Hampshire recently posted the suggestion on Facebook explaining the that the best way to prevent purses from being stolen out of shopping carts is to buckle them in using the child's safety belt.


Windham police also suggest leaving purses fastened, closed, or zipped while browsing for items. The simple act of threading the kid's seatbelt that is already attached to most shopping carts through purse straps and buckling it is one of the best way to protect your belongings against would-be crooks lurking in the aisles.

Also, keep a spare carabiner clip tucked in your purse for when you run across a cart without a child safety strap. Just use the inexpensive carabiner to clip your purse strap to the side of the shopping cart and you're good to go. The Windham Police Department ended their post with with 'Happy Shopping', because shoppers will certainly be happier when turning the tables on purse thieves. The post quickly raced up over 5,000 likes and more than 10,000 shares.

Don't forget to buckle up on your next visit to Walmart or your local grocery store. Be sure to pass this easy hack on to your friends during the busy shopping season so they don't become a victim like in the video above!