Police Officers Block A Busy Highway Leaving The 'Special' Bus Passengers Feeling Emotional And Honored

Soldiers are selfless defenders of freedom. True heroes, the brave men and women of our military sacrifice much on a daily basis to protect our nation, our homes, and our very lives. Too often we forget that members of the military have families too. Serving overseas in difficult conditions,

United States soldiers can’t be with their families for some of life’s biggest milestones, ranging from birthdays to anniversaries to major holidays. With all they do for our country, they deserve our admiration and gratitude.

The Colorado Springs Police Department recently saw an opportunity to show members of our military the respect they deserve, and their actions are making national headlines. As a line of buses carrying soldiers back from service in Afghanistan traveled down a busy highway, they were greeted by a line of police officers giving them a crisp salute. Standing beside their motorcycles, the brief show of respect cost the officers nothing but was nevertheless greatly appreciated by the war-weary soldiers.

The Colorado Springs Police Department additionally shut down several lanes of traffic so the soldiers could return to their families all the sooner. As the buses drove off, the police department gave them a special escort, both to honor their return and make sure they didn’t have any trouble reaching their destination.


The event was recorded by motorist Rhea Taylor. Rhea had just finished helping a friend move her belongings to her new home when she saw the line of police officers honoring the returning soldiers. Visibly moved by the officers’ actions, Rhea decided to record the event and share it on Facebook so all the world could see how much the police officers’ care about members of the military.

Rhea’s video quickly spread around the world, generating over two million views in just a short period of time. Those Facebook users who have commented on the video applaud the actions of the Colorado Springs Police Department and express their gratitude for everything members of the military do for our nation.

In all, the actions of the Colorado Springs Police Department are proof positive that despite all the cynicism and negativity of modern life, the spirit of patriotism and community values are alive and well in the world today.

What do you think of the way the Colorado Springs Police Department honored some of our returning members of the military? Do you have a friend or a family member in the military? Send them this incredible video and make their day!