Police Officer Who Has Been Paralyzed For 14 Years Able To Stand For First Time For The National Anthem

As long as technology keeps working its magic, mankind (and womankind) will never really be down and out. The magnificent innovations scientists come up with to help people with physical ailments are absolutely mind-boggling. Here's to hoping ingenuity in American and around the world never stops.

Never has all of this been more evident than it was for Peoria, Arizona, police officer Bill Weigt. Because of a scientific marvel, the paralyzed Weigt was able to fulfill his obligation as an Honor Guard investigator.

Thanks to a specialized wheelchair, he was able to present the American flag beside fellow members of the Peoria Honor Guard.

The special ceremony took place as part of the Special Olympics Arizona opening ceremonies. Not only was he able to present the nation's flag, but he was able to do so as he stood for the national anthem for the first time in 14 years.


The games were held in Avondale where participants competed in events like swimming, softball and bocce ball competitions.

The story actually began in December of 2005 when Officer Weigt was in hot pursuit of a criminal suspect. In an interview with KSAZ-TV. he explained how he was shot in the chest by the suspect. Even though he was wearing his bulletproof vest, the bullet entered just above where the vest started. To hear him tell it:

The bullet “hit a rib, ricocheted down to my spine, and then paralyzed me from the mid-chest down.”

In spite of his misfortune, Weigt is still a strong advocate for all law enforcement officials wearing the protective vest while on duty. Anytime he hears a report of an officer being shot, his very first instinct is to pray that the officer was wearing his protective gear.

About wearing the vest, Weigt said, “It’s the simplest thing in the world. Why not just wear it? It should be easy, but it’s a personal thing for me. But if they chose not to, I wish they would. All of them, I wish they would.”

Not one to let anything stop him, Officer Weigt was able to return to work in 2006 as a criminal investigator reports The State Press.

Hopefully, this story has moved you as much as it moved so many others. It's a true testament to the resolution of one man who refused to let the bad guy win. Make sure you tell us your thoughts and send this on to family and friends.