Police Officer Uses His Own Money To Pay Off Expired Tags For Woman He Pulled Over

When most people see the flashing blue lights of a police officer behind them, they know it is not going to be good news. Hillary Davis, from Gainesville, Texas, knew that she was in trouble. It was also a tipping point for her. She had been dealing with an illness in the family, and while she would have loved to have paid for the expired tags on the car, she simply did not have the money. When Police Officer Eddie Veracruz walked up to her car, Hillary broke down.

Hillary tried to compose herself, but she could not stop crying when Officer Veracruz began talking to her. As Hillary expected, Veracruz told her to head down to the Cooke County Tax Assessor’s office to update her tags, but she did not expect what happened next. Officer Veracruz paid for the expired tags. Hillary began to cry again except this time for a different reason.

“We’re trying to get by day by day and this man had no idea what he was walking into,” Davis told KXII-TV through tears. “He was wonderful.”


She could not have hoped that Officer Veracruz would show such kindness, and it meant everything to Hillary who had suffered some setbacks in the weeks leading up to the traffic stop. Unbelievably it was not the first time that Veracruz had played the role of hero for Hillary and her family. Hillary's autistic son, Sterling, had gone missing in 2015, and it was Officer Veracruz who had found him.

Officer Veracruz was not looking for any recognition, so it was up to Hillary to make sure people knew what type of policeman he was. Gainesville City Manager Barry Sullivan personally thanked Veracruz and let it be known what a credit to the force he is. Hillary believes Veracruz was her guardian angel.

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