Police Horse Seems To Dance Along To Jazz Music In The Street

Jan 07, 2022 by apost team

It is hard to match the energy and vitality in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. With a rich history, friendly locals and excellent live music at all times, New Orleans is something special. Even the police horses in the city are there to have a good time. In a video from 2013, a cop and his police horse come upon a group of revelers dancing in the street. There is a live band, and several people seem to be enjoying drinks.

Suddenly, the horse begins to join the dancers and shows off some incredible moves. Just like he was at a line dance, the horse performs some impressive footwork and looks to be enjoying himself. He gets excited at one point and jumps around a little, but the rider does not seem concerned in the least. The horse dances so well that it is clear that he has been trained to do so.

The most impressive part comes toward the end when the horse suddenly takes a deep bow. The crowd cheers, and the horse backs away from the group slowly before proceeding down the street as if nothing had happened. The audience and fellow dancers cheer some more, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. 

New Orleans, primarily Bourbon Street, is known for its nightlife. There is always music playing, people dancing, singing or even yelling at each other. It is lively — to say the least. Some commenters were worried that the horse may have been moving around like that because it was scared, but other commenters reassured everyone that these animals are trained for these exact situations. Read on to learn more about this awesome video. 

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The video was posted to YouTube in August 2013, and it is the perfect representation of a fun summer night in New Orleans. More than 800,000 people viewed the video, and over a thousand stopped to leave a comment. One person said:

“I can see now why people from Louisiana love their state so much. What a fantastic scene! The music, the dancing...I love the way the officer never loses composure during the whole thing, he really just lets his horse be the real performer.”

Another person pointed out that, at one moment, it looked like the horse and other dancers were having a competition. They wrote, “That horse was feeling that music. The way he bopped on in, the way he was throwing his head to the side. That horse got funky with the beat. I swear he knew he was battling them.”

Others reassured viewers that the horse was perfectly happy throughout the video. “For the people who's sayin the horse is scared....he’s not, he works on bourbon street and is there every night with all kinds of noises and people constantly walkin around him. His name is Ace, a well mannered horse,” wrote a commenter.

Someone else replied to their comment, saying, “Thank you. People don't know how much training NOPD horses go through to be able to deal with crowds and drunks during Mardi Gras, Sugar Bowl, etc. They are amazing animals.”

This horse really embodies the spirit of New Orleans, and it is always nice to see a police officer enjoying time with their community. The video is sure to bring a smile to your face. 


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