Police Bring 'Cheer' To Little Boy Who Lost His Dad By Letting Him Lead Their Patrol On His Bike

Jan 20, 2023 by apost team

The idea of losing someone alone is hard to take in, especially if that person who is about to leave the world is a family member or close friend you have spent most of your life with. But imagine a kid losing a parent at such a young age. While a young kid might recover from the pain more easily than their widowed parent or older siblings, that kid will always feel the pain. Plus, a child will always long for a parent’s presence and care even though they still have another parent to look after them.

One little boy lost his father when he was 4 years old. But the people around him made sure he felt his father’s presence even though he was no longer around – and we kid you not, it could probably be one of the most heartwarming moments in his life. And yes, definitely one for the books!

In May 2022, Harry Farrell lost his father, Craig, at the age of 4. Craig passed away at the age of 39 and left behind his stepdaughter, Molly, and former partner, Emma Overton.

Despite losing his father at a young age, Harry handled his loss well and still maintained a positive outlook in life. So, he received a special gift, a present on top of his wish list: a miniature bike. But the surprise didn’t end there.

After PC Phil Skevington saw the video of Harry riding his bike, he soon found out about what he had gone through. So, he thought of surprising Harry by making him lead a patrol on their streets. By the looks on Harry’s face, he really enjoyed the surprise.

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Skevington said all he wanted was to bring a smile to Harry’s face following the latter’s heartbreaking loss. Skevington said it wasn’t just Harry who became happy with the surprise but him and the rest of the Durham Police instead.

“After hearing what Harry had gone through last year, we just wanted to help bring a little bit of cheer and make him smile. We did a few laps of his cul-de-sac, posed for some photos, and gave him a few mementos, including his own Durham Roads and Armed Policing badge to add to his police vest,” Skevington said, according to a story published by the Durham Police on its official website.

“He had a great time – and so did we. It’s lovely to be able to do something nice for someone who has been through such a tough time recently, especially so young,” Skevington added.

Emma, on the other hand, said she couldn’t be any happier for the surprise her son received from the Durham Police.  

“It was such a nice surprise for him, he was completely shocked when all the officers turned up. He had such a great time leading them around our street and posing for pictures with them,” Emma said.

Harry, who wanted to become a teacher then, told his mom that he now wanted to become a police officer.

Meanwhile, people were moved by the surprise the Durham Police had given Harry, with many noting how the little boy will remember what they did for him.

“That is heart-wrenching. Well done @DurhamPolice Harry will remember that forever,” one person said.

“What a lovely thing to do. This little boy will remember this forever,” another person remarked.


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