Plus-Size Woman Criticizes Airline For Not Providing Seat Belts That Fit Larger People

Mar 15, 2023 by apost team

Every person deserves to have the best experience during a flight. Unfortunately, some people might experience things that are beyond anyone’s control. But more than comfort or luxury, every passenger has the right to fly safely – and every airline should give utmost importance to providing the best kind of service when it comes to safety. Perhaps one of the most important reminders during a flight to ensure the safety of a passenger is the fastening of the seat belt. In fact, flight attendants ensure that all seatbelts are fastened before the plane takes off. But sadly, not all seat belts fit every passenger. That’s why some flight attendants sometimes offer belt extensions. But one woman aired her frustration on social media over the need for extensions to fit her.

In October 2021, a plus-size model named Remi Bader lambasted Delta Air Lines for their seat belts which required didn’t fit her.  

In the video, Bader admitted that she has “always loved” flying with Delta. But she claimed that their airplanes "have way shorter seat belts than they did before.” This prevented the seat belt from one of her flights with Delta from going around her body. She admittedly freaked out, knowing they were already taking off but had no seat belt on.

“We were already taking off, and there was nothing I could do, so for the first time in my life I took off without wearing a seat belt,” she said, recalling her experience at that time.

When she told the flight attendant about her situation, she was asked if she needed an extender which she admitted she didn’t know existed at that time.

Bader said people told her to relax after she took to social media what happened to her.

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Later on, Bader pointed out that the issue was not about getting an extender, but the embarrassment she and other people feel.

“The amount of messages I receive of people saying it’s so embarrassing to them to even need to ask for an extender and that it makes them feel like s— that they can’t just wear a normal seat belt that fits them, I felt that way,” she remarked.  

Bader said people sent her messages saying such moments ruin their day, give them panic attacks, and make them feel ashamed.

Several people commented on Bader’s video, prompting them to share their own experiences, while others encouraged airlines to have seat belts that don’t just fit a specific type of people but everyone.

“One time a stewardess slipped me one discretely without me asking- it was so nice it brought me to tears. Seatbelts have never fit me on planes,” one person said.

“You shouldn’t need an extender for a seatbelt!!!! They should just make the damn seatbelt for EVERYONE!” another person said

“Why would they make them smaller when average size of people is bigger,” one other person said.

Delta Air Lines, on its website, said they don’t require passengers who need an extender to purchase an additional seat but said they might ask a passenger to move to another location should a passenger impede another person on the flight or be asked to take to a later flight.

In another video posted in March 2022, she could be seen struggling to buckle up her seatbelt before the plane’s take-off.

“Delta, figure it out,” she wrote. "And no, I shouldn’t need to ask for an extender. It should just be easy.”

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