Playful Dog Crashes Church Service And Brazilian Priest Has The Best Reaction

Dogs aren't often present at church. But maybe they should be.

A pet-friendly priest in Brazil welcomed a four-legged visitor that wandered into Mass. The dog definitely stole the attention of the congregation. A few weeks ago, Father José Geraldo Sobreira was at the altar during mass at Nossa Senhora das Dores parish, when a tail-wagging visitor came waltzing in and parked right at the priest's feet.

The dog clearly wanted attention. He was rubbing against the priest, begging for scratches. He kept wagging his tail and even rolled over. The more the priest rubbed him, the more the dog loved it. Understandably, the dog was in heaven.

The priest enjoyed the interaction as much as the dog. Instead of shooing the dog away, he gave the dog plenty of attention and scratches. The smile and silent laughter of the priest showed just how much amusement and joy the dog gave him.

Some would say the dog shouldn't have been there in the first place. But, many disagree. The video quickly went viral after a parishioner posted it online. People saw the dog's presence in a different light.

Sobreira received praise for welcoming the "angel with four paws." Animals are in the world to teach people about pure love, according to one commenter. It's the humans job to spread it around.

“Beautiful father! I loved your gesture!” wrote one commentor. “Each day that passes I realize animals are in this world to teach us what pure love is, and that all humans should spread it.” 

This video is sure to bring a smile to your face. What do you think? Was Sobreira's reaction what it should have been? Don't keep this video to yourself. Let your friends and family see this interaction for themselves.