Pittsburgh Dad Loses 40 Pounds After Doctor Tells Him He Is Too Overweight To Donate Liver To Ill Son

Stories about people losing weight often appear in promotional reports. In other words, gym members or diet food consumers tell the world they shed the pounds. There's a marketing component to their stories, but don't overlook the potential life-saving aspects. Obesity can lead to serious health problems, so losing weight can lead someone to save his/her own life. In one case, a man's decision to drop 40lbs saved someone else's life, his son's.

What is the story here?

In New York state, Sean and Josie Kelley live happily with their seven children. Three of those little ones do suffer from a severe medical condition known as Alagille Syndrome. The medical affliction affects organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. Constant medical treatment becomes necessary to monitor their health.


Sawyer Kelley is a newborn who suffered serious complications from the condition. To live, he needed a liver transplant. Without a liver transplant, Sawyer would not live beyond one year of age. So, the family went public with their situation and set up a GoFundMe account to cover expenses. They also asked for someone to offer to be a "living donor." The liver, unlike other organs, can regrow. Therefore, a person can donate a portion of his/her liver to someone in need.

Sean Kelley asked the doctors if he could be a donor. The doctors said it was possible if he was a match, and he needed to drop 40lbs before they could decide. Sean had to lose weight to undergo the necessary evaluation process. Sean immediately took the strict steps required to lose so much weight. Doing so was tough, but Sean was able to According to Goodmorning America, drop the 40lbs. He underwent the evaluation and turned out to be a match.

Father Sean was able to donate a portion of his liver to little Sawyer. The surgery went well, and Sawyer is now recovering. The recovery process is far from over, but things, so far, look positive.

Make someone else's day positive by telling them about this heartbreaking and inspiring story. Sean Kelley deserves a lot of praise and attention for his selfless and loving act. Let him have both.