Pitbull Pretends To Faint To Avoid Getting His Nails Clipped

Sep 11, 2019

Pitbulls are tough dogs. One reason many owners adopt Pitbulls is that the canines provide some safety. The dogs can be loving and loyal pets as well. And some, yes, can be a little wimpy at times. Such was the case when a tough-looking Pitbull experienced a fainting spell when his owner tried to cut his nails.

Few would believe a Pitbull would become so dramatic when getting its nails clipped, but video evidence exists. The beautiful-looking dog seems apprehensive when his owner takes his paw. Knowing a nail-clipping session is coming up, the dog chooses to fall flat on his back. He kicks his legs up in the air mimicking a fainting spell.


Hilariously, the dog falls backward in slow motion. The action leads you to believe he did so to maximize the dramatic effect. While all this comes off as humorous, nothing the dog does dissuades the owner from performing the nail clipping. And the dog benefits from the owner's attitude. 

The video revealing the dog's crazy behavior went viral. The poor canine comes off like a hammy actor in a bad movie. He thinks he's scoring points for his brilliant dramatic performance, but people are laughing at him. At least he's famous now!

Make him even more famous by telling your friends and family about this drama queen Pitbull. His actions are hilarious, and people love a good pet-inspired laugh.