Pitbull Maisy Conversates Constantly With Her New Mom Marisa After Adoption From Shelter

When Marisa Elbert adopts Pitbull Maisy from a shelter, she didn't expect to talk so much with her new dog. Maisy's barking sounds like "woos" and her and Marisa exchange conversations every day.  

Despite their notorious reputation, many people decide to rescue Pitbulls from shelters instead of other breeds.

Maisy is one dog setting a positive example for her breed online. Her previous family wanted to breed her, but when things didn't work out, they decided to plan to have her euthanized.

While they tried to arrange plans, Maisy was locked outside alone all day in a cramped kennel and was only attended to for feeding and attempts to get her pregnant.


Luckily, a friend of Maisy's former owners heard about their plans and offered to take the dog to a shelter instead. Shortly after she was dropped off, the staff uploaded Maisy's photo to their website, which is how her future mother first saw her.

Marisa Elbert was at a low point in her life. She had not only lost both of her parents, but her previous 13-year-old Pitbull had recently passed away as well. A thoughtful friend saw Maisy's picture on social media and tagged Elbert.

She figured she could use a friend, and it was obvious that Maisy was in need of some love, too.

Elbert hit it off with her canine companion right away, and now they spend their days "talking" to one another. Maisy loves to comment on everything she sees, and her insatiable curiosity for the world around her warms Elbert's heart every day.

The two share a special bond that you can't help but smile at when you listen to their conversations.

Elbert reveals that things have always been this way between them:

"The first day when I brought her home, we went down the driveway and I threw some balls for her and she was woo-ing on the way up, woo-ing on the way down. She was just so happy. It’s like she knew she was home.”

Elbert believes that Maisy was meant to find her after the loss of her parents and late Pitbull.

She says that Maisy has completely turned her life around and reminded her of the love and support she has around her. While Maisy was tentative to accept so much affection at first, she's warmed up to her new mom and now, the two are inseparable.

Her previous owners once called her ugly, but Elbert couldn't disagree more. She says her dog's big head and stocky body are all part of her charm and that all of her features make her "like a big stuffed animal."

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