Pit Bull Heartbroken After Losing Newborn Puppies Finds Solace In Orphaned Pup

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

In 2018, Raisin was a tiny one-eyed pitbull puppy orphan who was all alone until she met Daya, an adult pit bull who lost her puppies, and the two found solace in each other.

Sometimes it seems like the only animals that understand the fear and pain of being an unloved stray are the animals in similar straights. In this video, we see two beautiful dogs that are undergoing just that.

Daya is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (often called a "Pit Bull") who was cold and afraid in York, South Carolina. She was picked up by animal control in the dead of winter when she was discovered wandering the streets looking for a warm place to settle down. She was obviously pregnant, so the animal control officers contacted Halfway There Rescue. This organization deals with all forms of stray and rescued does, so they quickly took her in.

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Halfway There Rescue planned to give Daya the chance to give birth comfortably in a home, rather than in a rather intimidating shelter, The Dodo reported. Despite their best efforts and resources, this sadly did not occur. Daya developed an infection and lost her little in-utero. She then needed emergency surgery to repair the damage from the ordeal.

Following this, Daya was understandably grieving. Whether human or not, the loss of your children is a hugely devastating event. Her foster family did all they could to provide her joy, but she was noticeably depressed and hurting. She had lost her will. She had lost her spirit. They knew they had to intervene, or they risked losing Daya as well. Despite her relatively good physical condition, Daya had stopped eating, drinking, and even moving. She had resigned herself to death.


Enter Raisin. The dog, not the dried fruit that is ironically poisonous to dogs.

Raisin was an orphaned puppy who was found in a similar manner to Daya. He had sustained a severe injury to his eye, was severely malnourished, and was found walking the streets alone and scared. Again, Halfway There took in the trembling pup. It was clear that Raisin was very young. Too young, in fact, to be without a mother. The next step was clear.

Raisin was introduced to Daya, and a connection was immediately formed. Raisin was in rough shape, with only one eye remaining and a bloated belly full of nothing but worms. Yet Daya took her in and began to care for her without hesitation.

Raisin felt loved and protected for the first time in her very short but traumatic existence. The healing was not only to Raisin, though. Daya has prepared herself to be a mom but had lost her puppies. Now, the caring pebble had a reason to go on.

Although they no longer live together, both of these wonderful dogs found good homes.

Raisin was nursed back to health and is now a full-grown and healthy girl. Daya has recovered from her heartbreak as well and is doing wonderfully with her new family. Both of these animals were near the end when they were found. Only by the generosity of charities like Halfway There Rescue were they able to find a new leash on life.

Rescue organizations like these put a huge amount of time, effort, and money into fostering animals that need their help. The impact they have is hard to measure. If you have the resources, consider donating to Halfway There or another local foster home. As for these two pups, Daya will always be in debt to the caring efforts of her rescuers, and Raisin will always be here because of the caring mothering of Daya. These "nanny dogs" show us just how beautiful the animal spirit can be.

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