Pit Bull And Small Kitten Meet For Their First Encounter

A pit bull owner adopted a little kitten capturing the moment her dog met the new addition to the family. 

Adopting a new pet is always pretty exciting, but if you already have another pet at home it can also end up being quite nerve-wracking, as they have to be willing to accept the newcomer.

When a woman who already owned a pit bull named Licious, decided to adopt a little kitten, she had no idea how the two pets would react to one another according to the Animal Channel.


To be able to capture the moment of their first encounter, the woman caught the whole situation on camera. Luckily everything turned out better than anyone could have expected. 

When the woman placed the ginger kitten in front of Licious, the kitten approached the dog curiously and started to sniff and touch the pit bull’s paws before playing with them. The dog responded very positively to the kitten watching her gently instead of being bothered by her playfulness.

But things got even cuter as the pit bull began to wag her tail before showering the kitten with doggy kisses. Judging from the dog’s reaction, it seems as if her maternal instincts kicked and she is going to take care of the little kitten from now on. 

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