Photos From Princess Diana's Funeral Show She Is Still 'The People's Princess'

Nearly twenty-three years later, Princess Diana's death is still one of the most shocking events that are still widely talked about. Her funeral was held only a week after the terrible car crash that ended the royal's life.

It was broadcasted around the world with more than 2 billion watching on TV. The images from that day still ring on today showing the heartbreak that was shared not just among her family but among her fans.

Peter Turnley/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

Princess Diana's royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, who used to take pictures of the royal while on tours, told Nine News Australia about Diana's funeral and the emotion that was felt through the crowd as her coffin passed by on its procession to Westminster Abbey.

“When I stood outside the hospital as the coffin came out I broke down. It was really moving, I suddenly realized it was all over," Edwards said. He also recalled that everyone around him began sobbing. 

“I saw that coffin moving and I was really upset. I’ll never forget that when the coffin went past me at Westminster Abbey, all I could hear was the click-clock of the horses’ shoes and just people sobbing all around me."

What was perhaps the most heartbreaking event to witness at Diana's funeral were her sons Prince William and Harry following their mother's coffin as their heads hung low. "I remember this woman calling out ‘God bless you, Harry’," Edwards said.

"And I’ll never forget that. This little boy walking behind his mother’s coffin and I just thought ‘My God, God bless you, Harry.'"

Prince Harry and William have been very candid looking back on their mother's funeral. Prince William told the BBC documentary "Diana, 7 Days," "I felt if I looked at the floor and my hair came down over my face, no one could see me," he said.

"It wasn't an easy decision, and it was a sort of collective family decision to do that... there is that balance between duty and family, and that's what we had to do."

Prince Harry also told the BBC documentary that he was "very glad" to have been a part of the funeral process. However, he believes that no child should ever be expected to do the same thing  "under any circumstances." The royal also added that he does not "have an opinion whether that was right or wrong." 

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After Diana's coffin reached Westminister Abbey, all members of the royal family including past prime ministers and many of Diana's closest friends, many of whom were celebrities, gathered inside to begin the service. 

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