Photographer Stops For Picnic And Finds Undernourished Puppy Abandoned On Tiny Island

When visiting the area of Belize, located in Central America, you may anticipate a few things. A blue sky, beautiful sand, and gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime views of the ocean.

When a photographer named Wesley White went to visit the area, he found all of this and more. But what he didn’t expect to find was a new furry friend!

Last year, White went on a work trip to Belize. He didn’t have much free time, but he decided to take a kayak to a tiny nearby island. He stopped to have a picnic in the area to enjoy the views.

 "Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his tail wagging." White told The Dodo

A tiny puppy, completely malnourished and incredibly skinny, approached him. When speaking to the Dodo, "My heart exploded out of my chest." He decided to wrap the tiny puppy up and take him back to his accommodation. But he became worried when he realized he was set to go home in only a few short days and had no idea what to do with the neglected and abandoned puppy.

Thankfully, the puppy stumbled upon the right person, as White was a dog lover with two of his own back at home.  

"Everybody started helping me take care of him. They got me a couple of cans of dog food. The bartender there[his accomodation] immediately started calling friends to find out where the closest vet was." Said White.

When he brought the puppy to the vet, they concluded that he was covered in mites, dehydrated and undernourished. 

Thankfully, the puppy would be able to make a full recovery because he was generally healthy. However, it was time for White to return home. He sadly had to leave the puppy at the vet as he had to leave to go home.

"It was like giving up my little puppy all of a sudden," said White.


When the dog was healthy enough, he was placed into a doggy foster care that communicated with White about the dog’s progress. During this time, White created a GoFundMe page in order to obtain funds for the dog’s treatments.

Once the vet cleared the puppy safe to fly, he boarded a flight to Texas. But when the two reunited, the now-healthy dog’s ears perked up immediately. Now named Winston, the pooch will spend the rest of his days with White and his family.

We’re happy to hear that this dog has a happy ending after a chance encounter with a helpful and friendly stranger. Do you have a story like this one? Tell us in the comments below. Show your friends and family this selfless act of kindness!