Photographer Places Microphone Next To Baby Red Squirrel Making Adorable Munching Sounds

As a wildlife photographer, Dani Connor captures the natural world through the lens of her camera. Recently, the photographer, who is based in northern Sweden, spent some time working with red squirrels. She came back from this trip with a rather unusual catch for a photographer: a baby red squirrel making adorable noises while eating.

Dani Connor is a wildlife photographer. She specializes in capturing images from animals in their natural habitats. Whether they're still or moving, Connor gets incredible photographs for her work. Recently, Connor developed an interest in red squirrels. As a result, she spent some time with these active animals. She caught many of them on camera as they jumped through the air.

To capture the squirrels mid-jump, Connor had to set up the camera at the proper height. Unfortunately, there were no trees near her window. As a result, she brushed off her basic woodworking skills and built two wooden perches for the squirrels.

Once the perches were in place outside Connor's window, she had to find a way to attract the squirrels. Since squirrels feast on seeds and nuts, Connor filled two plastic containers with sunflower seeds. She then set the food on the perch.

After the red squirrels discovered the perches, they soon became a favorite breakfast hangout. Connor was able to photograph squirrels jumping between perches, eating, and fighting for the coveted spots. As time passed, the squirrels didn't run from the keen photographer. While she was watching them vie for breakfast, she also found a group of baby red squirrels, reports Opera News.

These little squirrels were learning how to climb, jump, and run. They were also learning how to eat. While observing one of these adorable babies, Connor moved closer to get a better look. As the baby ate, it squealed with delight, much like a human infant. Fortunately, she recorded this content chomper for the world to see and posted the video to her YouTube account.

Now that you've heard this adorable little critter, it's time to make some noise of your own. Send this video to your friends and family and make them laugh and squeal with delight.