Photo Of Soccer Player Sharing Her Similarity With One-year-old Fan Becomes Internet Sensation

A toddler who was born without his left arm is warming hearts everywhere after a photo of him 'fist-bumping' a football star with the same condition went viral.  Joseph Tidd, who is 21 months old and lives in Florida, got to see Carson Pickett play for the Orlando City Club in Florida and shared a sweet moment with her which was caught by the Tidd family on camera.

Just like Tidd, Pickett was also born with a left forearm.

The moment shared between the pair has initially uploaded to the Instagram account of the Tidd family without much fanfare outside of their close friends and family. However, Carson Pickett's mentor, Becky Burleigh uploaded the picture to Twitter and a viral sensation was born.

The moment came after the soccer game played by the former star of Australia's W-Super League when she made a beeline for Joseph to greet him and thank him for his support. The image has currently boasts over 9 K retweets and  39 K likes.

Miles Tidd, who is Joseph's father, spoke to TODAY parents about the ordeal: 

“Carson knelt down next to Joseph and showed him her arm,” he said. “It was this instant bond we can’t begin to understand.”

This was not the first Tidd and Pickett met each other. The pair first met in April, when they shared a 'fist bump' for the first time. The photo was uploaded to Pickett's Instagram account. According to the boy's father, he and Joseph's mother have struck a friendship of their own with Pickett's parents.

“For us, this is great because we get to ask those tough questions about how to deal with bullies,” He told the publication.

Pricket herself mentioned when captioning the photo that she is happy she can use her platform to inspire other people with the same or similar conditions. She wrote: 

"Soccer means the world to me, but the platform that soccer provides me for things like this takes the cake. Joseph, you’re my new hero for life💜 "

Have you ever had a similar experience with someone you look up too? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!