Photo Of Baby With ‘Pierced’ Cheek Ignites Outrage And Mom Says It Proves Point About Circumcision

Aug 13, 2019

A Fostoria, Ohio mom came under backlash when she uploaded an image of her infant to social media with a cheek piercing. Naturally, many people came to criticize her and send terrible messages as the post began to go viral. However, the mom insists many people have missed the whole point of why she shared the image.

"The reaction that parents have when they see this beautiful perfect baby being ... mutilated, that initial shock, that reaction of anger, I want them to hold on to that," Enedina Vance said to CNN. Vance shared an image of her infant with what looks like a diamond stud pierced into the baby's cheek. However, it was all a facade.

Vance had found a plastic gem and pasted it over her baby's dimple to create the illusion it was a piercing. But why would she do this?

Vance is a very big advocate against piercing or circumcising children, she posted the image to send a message to other parents or guardians about the decisions they make for their infants. Vance had also written next to the post of her daughter:

"I'm the parent, she is MY CHILD, I will do whatever I want!! I make all of her decisions until she's 18, I made her, I own her!! I don't need anyone's permission, I think it's better, cuter, & I prefer her to have her dimple pierced."

She added the hashtag #sarcasm. But many people missed that her post was satirical. 

"I seriously can not believe how many people missed that this was purely satirical, I actually used the hashtag #sarcasm," Vance said on social media. "Yet people were still threatening to beat me to death, call child protective services, and take away my children."

However, even with all of the negative messages, some users were able to understand Vance's point and send her positive messages about their experiences with the decisions their parents made for them according to CNN

Now two years later, Vance is still advocating against infant piercing and circumcision. She wrote on social media:

 Parents are waking up, MEN are speaking out, nations are creating laws to protect their children, & the world is beginning to see what Americans are doing to their defenseless children," Vance said. She added, "This worldwide conversation continues to evolve & more people are joining in. We will see the end of forced genital mutilation."

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