Petrified Parents Indebted To Heroic Pitbull For Pulling Their 7-Month-Old Infant To Safety During Housefire

May 17, 2023 by apost team

Dogs are fiercely loyal which is why we love them so much and consider them close members of the family. Pitbulls in particular are extremely loyal, despite the fact that they often get a bad reputation in society as being too aggressive. We hear negative stories about certain breeds including pit bulls often, but they can be a courageous and loyal breed of dog as this story only proves.

When Latana Chai's home caught on fire in the summer of 2018 in Stockton, California, it was her pitbull Sasha who helped to save the lives of Chai and her family. As the fire, which started at the house next door, continued to blaze and spread to Chai's house, Sasha was the one who alerted the family by barking until the whole house was awake.

As Chai ran to the door to see what was happening, incredibly, Sasha had already run to 7-month-old Masailah's room and had begun to pull the infant out of her bed to get her to safety. As Chai arrived in her daughter's room to grab her, she saw that Sasha had already begun to rescue her.

Thankfully, the entire family including Sasha were able to get out of the house safe and sound, but unfortunately, their house was heavily damaged in the blaze that night.

In any case, this story shows how fiercely loyal dogs, especially pit bulls are to their family members and how having a quick-thinking canine could save your life. Let's take a look at this incredible story. 

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At the time of the fire, Chai was a mother to then 7-month-old little Masailah. She was just a small baby when the unthinkable happened one night in the summer of 2018. The family's 8-month-old pit bull Sasha started barking, as ABC News reported. Around midnight, Chai heard Sasha barking loudly and repeatedly banging at their backyard door in Stockton, California. She could tell from the frantic barks that there had to be something really wrong. Sasha was normally a very mild-mannered puppy, and this was just out of character for her. 

Immediately, Chai ran downstairs as fast as she could to check on Sasha and see what could be making her bark. When she arrived, she instantly saw what was wrong — her neighbor’s house, which belonged to her cousin, was on fire. Flames and black smoke were pouring out of the home like crazy. What's worse, the flames were rapidly spreading from Chai's cousin's home to her own.

In a panic, Chai immediately ran back upstairs to grab baby Masailah. But she wasn't the first one to reach her — Sasha had already gotten ahold of her by her teeth. This amazing puppy had the small infant by her diaper and was in the middle of dragging her off of her bed to safely get her out of the house. Chai spoke to FOX 40, and told the news outlet:

"She had already had my baby by the diaper and was dragging her off the bed. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, what are you doing?'"

Sasha's quick thinking speaks to how loyal and protective she is of her family, especially baby Masailah. In fact, since the two were born less than a month apart, their bond has been close from the beginning, as they both embarked on growing up at the same time. Chai told ABC that Sasha was "in the bed every day, all the time" and that they even "take baths together." That bond is surely one of the reasons Sasha did everything she could to help her family in the face of danger. What a heroic dog! 

As reported by CBS, Chai said Sasha alerted everyone in her household to the flames, and that if she hadn’t, no one would have noticed the fire until it was too late. Thankfully, no one was home at her cousin’s house at the time of the fire. 

Unfortunately, however, even though the fire only spread to Chai's attic before being put out by firefighters, her home was destroyed. However, no one was hurt in the fire, thanks to this heroic animal. Sasha's story proves that not all heroes wear capes.

Fiercely loyal to her family, Sasha is not only a hero among dogs but a positive ambassador for her breed, whose loyalty is well known. This heartbreaking story is a testament to the loyalty that pit bulls have, and also shows their loving side. All dogs should be considered man's best friend, especially pit bulls. 

Check out the video below and see just why Sasha is a hero of the four-legged variety.    

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