Perhaps Mimicking Their Owners Dog And Cat Sit Like Humans To Enjoy TV Together

Another cute animal video is making the rounds on the Internet. A short clip shows a dog and a cat sitting side by side watching television. The pair seem totally at peace and enjoying each other's company.

The dog is smaller than the cat and appears to have recently been shaved. Its posture is actually somewhat catlike. The cat is a plump silver tabby, and it is sitting like a human on its rear with its hind legs splayed out and its tail between them.

So, why would a cat sit like a human?

First off, cats are mimics, hence the expression “copycat.” They will often do things at the same time as their owner. People who keep the litterbox in the bathroom, for example, often find their feline friend using it at the same time they are using the toilet. Similarly, a cat will often join its owner in watching television.

Cats are also more flexible than humans, and they owe that flexibility to their anatomy. Cats have 30 vertebrae in their spine, not counting their tailbones. They also have exceptionally elastic discs in between the vertebrae that allow them to do things like twisting their backs so they can land on their feet. Cats can also curl up into a ball or flex backward and form a U shape, and they can sit like humans.

What do dogs or cats see when they watch TV?

Both dogs and cats have only partial color vision; dogs have red-green color blindness, and cats also can’t see red. Unlike dogs, they can see shades of green. Dogs and cats are also near-sighted by our standards. Dogs have 20/75 vision, and cats 20/150.

On the other hand, their ability to perceive movement is superior to that of a human. Dogs also have excellent peripheral vision, while cats have superb depth perception when they are looking at nearby objects.

Dogs and cats can also hear, so they may enjoy the sounds from the television as well as the moving images.

Have you seen this video? Have you seen your cat sit like a human or watch TV or both? Please leave your comments in the section below.