People With Neat And Clean Homes Don’t Do These 5 Things

Oct 25, 2018 by apost team

Most of us are all a little disorganized to a certain degree. But, there are some people that blow me away with how tidy their homes always are. I started observing the techniques of these tidy people.

I have learned a lot about their habits. In the list below, I will share the five things that I have found that tidy people simply don't do.

1. No Laziness

Tidy people don't sit around all day acting like a slob. They continue to keep their homes clean. They are knowledgeable and know that doing all the cleaning in one sitting is a hard task and isn't fun at all. This was one of my biggest issues. I used to let things "pile up" and then try to do everything at once. This takes up a good bit of time and also stresses you to some degrees.

I learned that I needed to change some habits in order to make my life easier and cleaner. Keeping things clean as you go, will lessen your to do list when it comes to cleaning your home. Most tidy people don't even realize they are doing this. It's just formed habit for them.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Don't run out of supplies to clean with. Tidy people know the products that work for them and always have back up supplies. By keeping supplies stocked, there isn't any reason to avoid, or have an excuse not to, have your house looking pristine. 

3. Do It Today

Don't go to bed with any work left in the house. Tidy people feel that it's better to do the work now, than have it piled up to do tomorrow. They do their dishes before sitting down to watch their favorite tv show. Most of us have DVR's these days so missing a show isn't really a problem anymore. 

Most tidy people will do a quick reset. This means getting everything back in order before bed. This routine will differ for every family. This may mean that mom does it all or that the family has certain tasks to complete.

It would surely be easier on mom if everyone chips in. After the quick reset occurs, this is when everyone can rest easy and enjoy their tv shows, or other activities.

4. No Mess on the Floor

Don't leave items sitting around on your floor. It's easy to have things on your floor. From stacks of shoes, to backpacks, to baskets, it's sometimes hard to keep these things off the floor. I am guilty of this one. I had so many things just sitting around creating clutter.

The funny thing is that I didn't even realize it until I observed a tidy person. I started making an effort to find homes for everything. Every item should be in it's on place and not stored on the floor. If something needs to be dropped off somewhere, get it done as soon as possible, out of your house, and out of your floor.

This will mean less clutter and a cleaner house.

5. Decor

Less is more. We hear that term often but it couldn't be truer here. Don't over decorate. Keep it simple. Having a clean, cleared surface is much more appealing that an over decorated surface. Knickknacks are an enemy when it comes to decorating. Small items only make your life more difficult.

If you are already messy, this just creates more mess. Not only does it look cluttered, but it also gives you that many more items you'll have to move to clean under and dust.

Keeping your surfaces decluttered will be sure to give you less of a headache while keeping your home clean. Try and keep your decorative pieces down to only 1-3 items per surface. This will obviously depend on the surface size.

This will allow your home to still look decorated and pretty but also tidy and clean. Even if there is a little dust, this little technique will have your home looking much better.

For us non-tidy people, we only need to make a few changes in order to have a home that looks much cleaner. It helps me to remember the things that the tidy people don't do.

I want to follow their lead and find myself living in a cleaner home with less stress keeping it that way. It's been one of the most satisfying changes I've ever made.

Do you think these tips will help you? Maybe you need to show this to your friend or a family member. It's sure to have them tidier in no time!