People Online Applaud Lifeguard For Kicking Young Girl Off Beach For Throwing Rocks At Sleeping Sea Lion

Mar 13, 2023 by apost team

It is inevitable for man and wildlife to intersect when they both cohabit on the same planet. While some seek out their prey, others are just there resting and minding their own in nature. 

Historically, mankind has been both kind and abusive to wildlife. Our hunting of some animals has even sadly led to their extinction, or other manmade reasons have led their numbers to diminish. But not all humans are in pursuit of wildlife and animals. In fact, a lifeguard had the internet cheering for her after she stopped a young girl on a beach who kept bothering a sleeping sea lion. 

According to World Wildlife Organization, sea lions are classified as an endangered species. Three of its species — the Australian sea lion, the Galápagos sea lion, and the New Zealand sea lion — are classified as endangered.

A packed beach at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California, was the center of attention on Feb. 28, 2023, when TikTok user raspberryplush_ uploaded a video of a young girl throwing rocks at a sleeping sea lion on the beach. 

Just as the girl threw rocks at the sea lion, the animal seemed to be alerted and woke up, prompting the people around it to jolt back in surprise. 

Shortly after, the lifeguard on duty, who was not seen in the video, proceeded to call out the young girl by blasting an announcement on her megaphone. 

“Little girl in the purple, you can leave now. Thanks,” the lifeguard said, which stunned the little girl and presumably her mother, who was holding her hand. 

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According to NBC News San Diego, sea lion pupping season was approaching at the time, which prompted the heightened alert of lifeguards and rangers on duty. They were tasked to keep an eye out on the crowds who were surrounding the sea mammals that were quietly chilling on the beach. 

Aside from the lifeguards on duty, the outlet also reported that posters and caution warnings were posted all over the beach area to warn onlookers to avoid approaching the sea lions. 

Based on one of the posters in the area, sea lions can bite, as when they are agitated, they may attack. It also stipulated that harassing sea lions or seals is against the law. 

In the video, it is not known whether the girl or her mother would be charged or fined for throwing rocks at one of the sea lions. To date, the video has already racked up more than 3 million views on TikTok. 

The internet, on the other hand, has been thanking the lifeguard for doing the right thing and kicking the girl off the beach. 

“I am just shocked that people would even get close to them. Wild animals can be so unpredictable and to have your children that close is mind blowing,” a user shared. 

“The guards need to be there all the time. I've been there 4x and everytime some kid is messing with the seals or walrus. The parents are airheads,” someone commented. 

“The fact lifeguards gotta protect the people and the wildlife is crazy, they should be making more,” another echoed. 

“I love how the lifeguard said it too,” one said.

Thank you to our vigilant lifeguards for keeping us safe and protecting wildlife too! What would you do if you were the mother of the child? What can you say about the lifeguard’s response? Would you have done the same thing if you had been there? Let us know and pass this on to your friends who you think should watch the video!

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