People Form Human Chain To Rescue 86 Dogs From Fire At A Pet Store

Beloved children’s television host Mr. Rogers once said that when hearing about a scary news story, his mother always told him, “Look for the helpers,” and her words ring out as truth today. Emergencies always bring out the best in people. When danger strikes, it is a guarantee that good people will step up and help bring about a happy ending. The residents of Danbury, Connecticut recently learned this first hand.

Last Thursday, 911 operators in Danbury began receiving multiple calls of a fire at the Puppy Love pet shop. The responsible and heroic members of the Danbury Fire Department acted quickly, arriving at the store within two minutes of the first call. Breaking into the store, they quickly began rescuing the 86 puppies.

Speaking with San Antonio Express-News, Deputy Fire Chief Steve Williams said that a large number of onlookers quickly offered their help in rescuing the sweet dogs. Seeing the plight of the animals, many Good Samaritans even stopped their cars on a nearby highway to go out and help the overwhelmed fire company.

With time running out for the puppies and the back of the store already engulfed in flames, firefighters and civilian volunteers formed a human chain to help rescue the dogs. Two local residents later described the scene to reporters. Jonathan Jimenez and Eric Walsh were eating at a nearby diner when people began alerting them of the fire. Running out of the restaurant, Jonathan and Eric broke into Puppy Love before firefighters even arrived, grabbing cages and getting the dogs out of a side door.

Sean Silverman, the owner of the pet store, said that the police closed the street adjacent to Puppy Love as volunteers carefully placed the cages with the dogs safely inside on the street. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the firefighters and their civilian aides, all 86 puppies were rescued from the shop. Even more amazing, no one was injured in the incident.

Silverman, who has owned Puppy Love for nearly 24 years, said that fire started in a barn behind the shop. The barn, which is owned by the local utility company, was heavily damaged in the fire while the pet store mostly sustained water damage. In a message on the pet store’s Facebook site, Silverman and his wife Nancy thanked the Danbury Fire Department and Police Department for their heroic acts in saving the dogs.

The Silvermans also thanked Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital, South Salem Animal Hospital, and all the residents of Danbury for everything they did to ensure the welfare of the puppies. The couple also expressed gratitude toward Stanziato’s Wood Fire Pizza, a local restaurant that is providing temporary housing for the dogs. Currently, the dogs are all in great shape, being under the care of a volunteer force of 30 animal control officers and civilians.

What do you think of the way the citizens of Danbury, Connecticut stepped up to ensure the wellbeing of the dogs from Puppy Love pet store? Have you ever helped a person or animal in a dire situation? Let us know your thoughts and pass this inspiring story of kindness to everyone in your circle.