Vacationers Can Now Sleep With Elephants Beneath Stars In 'Jungle Bubble'

In the ‎Chiang Rai province in Thailand, a hotel has opened where it is possible to sleep among the wild elephants. It’s called Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. Founded in 2001 in the northern part of Thailand, the hotel rooms are more like transparent bubbles through which you can see the elephants go about their daily lives.

The bubbles feature a bedroom and a living space, and a bathroom cleverly hidden away so that you can answer nature’s call in peace, reports Design Boom. Despite the minimalism of the rooms, you’re bound to remember them for what you see outside — packs of elephants in the wild, where they belong.

Food is even brought to you by a member of the staff, so you don’t have to leave your bubble — unless you fancy taking a tour. Anantara offers a closer look at the elephants, where you go near the jungle with a vet or an expert, and they tell you all about this majestic creature.

You might not have pictured your next vacation as being under the stars in plain view of the jungle, but it’s never a bad thing to step out of your comfort zone. It’s a safe and breathtaking experience that wasn’t available to us before, so when lockdown is lifted, consider visiting Thailand.

Many of us have gotten through these complicated times by dreaming and planning our next adventure. They’ve seen enough of their houses, and crave a glimpse of the rest of the world. Anantara will be waiting when the opportunity arises, and so will the elephants!

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