People Back Traveler Who Said No To Switching Plane Seats With A Child Despite Their Mom Getting Annoyed

Oct 07, 2022 by apost team

It seems like almost every day, someone is having a hard time when it comes to seating arrangements while traveling, whether this is by bus, train or, more frequently, plane. With planes, comfort is a major factor when traveling, especially on long-haul flights, and airlines are known to take full advantage of this by charging extra for more favorable seats. For some, the extra charges are just a small price to pay for comfort and they are willing to fork out extra for it. Some simply have a preference, whether that be for aisle or window seats, and don’t mind paying more for it. For others, this is not the case, and they instead put their faith in the kindness of strangers to end up with the seats they want.

Such was the case for one traveler who found they had enough miles to secure a first-class seat on a flight for free. With this being the case, the passenger decided to go the extra mile and round out their novel experience by picking the seat they preferred best – the window seat. However, when the day of the flight came and the passenger boarded, one of the things many of us don't wish to happen occurred. While this passenger stood their ground, they still took to Reddit to recount the unsavory experience.

On Aug. 19, 2022, the traveler recounted the episode and asked fellow Redditors for their opinion on the situation.

“Months ago, I booked a JetBlue flight from San Francisco to NYC and realized I cumulated enough points over the years to purchase a first-class seat for free. I had the option to pick my seat and I always choose the window,” the passenger wrote, before explaining the whole fiasco.

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The traveler continued their post by justifying why they had chosen the window seat. “Even when I am flying economy, I always pay the extra fee to select seats in advance for 1) to ensure I’m not kicked off if it’s overbooked later and 2) simply because I like the window seat. I am a geography nerd and enjoy looking out the window,” the poster wrote.

“Anyway, the day of the flight comes and a woman and her two kids are assigned next to me in the first-class cabin. The lady asked me if I could switch seats so her kid could have the window,” they continued.

“If this was economy, I would probably switch so the kid could have the window. Even though I would be miffed since I selected it in advance and the mother didn’t. However, I don’t get to fly first class very often and was looking forward to this flight. So, I simply said ‘no sorry.’” 

In the most awkward fashion, the mother’s reaction made the passenger’s travel experience quite unpleasant. “The kid threw a fit. The mother gave me a glare and pretty much try to guilt trip me into switching but I just ignored her.”

The traveler remained conflicted about whether they had done the right thing.

“I might be an a*****e for refusing to give my first-class window seat to a kid but at the same time, every passenger has the option to choose their seats in advance and if she wanted the window seat for her kid, she should have reserved it in advance. Plus, her kids are flying first class! Some people never get to fly first class in their lifetime!” the traveler reasoned before they lastly added, “My friend thinks I’m TA so I’m turning to you Reddit. AITAH?”

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Redditors were quick to back the passenger in the comments and said the mother was in the wrong for believing her child was entitled to something that belonged to someone else.

“You paid for the window seat (probably extra). She is not entitled to take what is not hers. Children need to learn that they are not entitled to other people's things,” one user commented.

“She has no business trying to make you give her what’s yours. People think it’s just a seat. It’s not. It’s something that is yours. Like your money. Your car. Your home. Your body. If you say no, it’s no. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a seat. It’s about, this is mine, I want it and I’m using it. I paid for it and I don’t want to give it away. End of discussion,” another comment read.

“Even if you were in economy, you have every right to not want to move, and her entitled child should understand that they won’t get everything they want in life,” wrote another user.

Many believed the child who threw the tantrum needed this experience to teach them an important lesson.

“Some parents think the world owes their children a life free from disappointment. Those kids are going to have a rough adulthood if they don't learn the essential life skill of getting over it,” one user wrote.

“Sometimes an important part of growing up is learning that not everything is about you. We coexist on the planet with other people. Think of it this way. The child should have learned an important lesson about sharing and respecting boundaries. I think you did good,” another comment read. One user had a very succinct and blunt response to the entire affair, saying only:

“Your seat, your rules.”

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What do you think of the situation? Was it rude for the mother to have asked for the switch? Would you have given up your preferred seat on a plane to a child? Let us know and be sure to pass this along to family and friends.

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