People Are Rocking The Funky Pedicure Trend Of Having Extra Long Toe Nails

Since acrylic nails were first created, women fell in love with long fingernails. Nail designs have developed into a true art form, but the latest trend is truly something else. For some reason, acrylic nails are no longer just for your fingers. Now, women are adding long claws to their toenails as well. While the nails are certainly stylish, this trend is definitely an unusual fad. 

The toenail's length depends entirely on the individual. Some ladies are adding moderate nails in stylish colors and designs. Other women are going all out with long talons on their toes. The one thing that we know for sure is that you cannot miss these sharp toenails. This is one trend that we will end up remembering forever.

These acrylic toenails are not just found on your typical neighbor or friend at work. Celebrities are getting in on the action as well. Recently, Rihanna made the celebrity news with her long, white toenails. It turns out that she has actually been rocking this look for years, but it has only become a widespread trend this summer. 

Our first question was how anyone can possibly wear shoes, but it seems like sneakers are forbidden with this look. It is almost a sign of class that you can have these long toenails.

If you have talons on your toes, you have to be able to wear sandals and open-toed shoes constantly. This works for celebrities like Rihanna, but the rest of us might have some painful moments as we try to squeeze our talons into tiny sneakers.

If you cannot believe that anyone would wear long toenails, head over to Instagram and see all of the photos. This new trend means almost every shoe option is out of the question. With boot season just around the corner, we cannot imagine that this trend will keep going for long. At some point, long toenails will have to go to make way for boot-ready feet. At least, we can hope. 

Have you spotted this trend at the beach this summer? Let us know what you think!