Pentatonix Singing Popular Christmas Song In An Empty Church Will Give You Chills

Everyone can enjoy Pentatonix any time of the year, but it's their holiday-centric tunes that really make people swoon. Now the a capella group have released their own rendition of one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time, and it's a great marriage of two things we love!

That song is "Joy To The World." Published in 1719 with a musical arrangement created in 1839 the hymn has gone on to become the single most recorded Christmas tune of all time. It has been recorded by artists like Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, and Mariah Carey. Now Pentatonix has their own version.

For their music video the band performed the song in a beautiful church that not only combines beautifully with the song but pays homage to the band's roots in faith. In fact the band regularly covers gospel songs along with their covers of famous pop songs and their own original material.

Pentatonix (for those who are unaware) formed in 2011 but really found themselves in the spotlight when they won the third season of the a capella singing competition The Sing-Off. Since then they've gone on to achieve both fame and success. They even earned themselves a Grammy in 2015.

The group's version of "Joy To The World" begins with a boom box sound effect that sets the stage for the rest of the group's harmonies. They combine to create an uplifting effect that gives this take on the song a vibe that makes it nearly impossible not to tap and sing along to.

Once you listen to their rendition you'll see just how skilled they are as a capella performers, and you can't help but be reminded just how joyful and happy the song itself really is. It's a perfect song for the holidays and is sure to put you and your loved ones in a cheerful mood throughout.

Since the song's release people can't stop talking about it. When you take a listen for yourself it becomes clear why. Even the biggest Scrooge can't help but feel a little uplifted when they hear the song.

Feel free to watch the video and spread the word to everyone you know so that they too can experience Pentatonix's amazing cover of "Joy To The World." Don't forget to tell us what you think of the song in the comments below!