Pentatonix Puts A Spin On A John Lennon Classic That Will Leave Tears In Your Eyes

Aug 05, 2018

John Lennon's "Imagine" asks the listener to imagine a world of peace living without barriers on the basis of race, religion, and nationality. It's a captivating hit that remains popular today and has been covered by many fantastic artists over the years.

John Lennon was inspired by poems written by Yoko Ono and dreamed up the song "Imagine." It was composed one early morning in 1971 and went on to become the best-selling single in Lennon's career. 

From Lady Gaga to A Perfect Circle, artists around the globe have delivered their take on the political piano ballad. 

But now a new group has stepped up with a unique rendition of this classic.

If you have yet to have the pleasure of hearing Pentatonix perform, then you're in for a real treat. This a capella group from Arlington, Texas creates arrangements of famous songs and add their personal flare to it. The five members sing in perfect harmony and create the instrument and beat sounds with their voices to mimic the sound of the original song. 

Their sound is dynamic and definitely gave a breath of fresh air to the dying art of singing a capella. 

Prepared to be amazed by their incredible cover of this John Lennon classic:

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