Pentatonix Gives Listeners Chills With Their Spellbinding Performance Of 'The Sound Of Silence'

Jul 31, 2020

Pentatonix is ​​an American a cappella group that has been grabbing the hearts of people all around the world since 2011. That's when they won NBC's The Sing-Off, demonstrating that the group is a master of covers. They proved that once again with their rendition of The Sound of Silence, which they posted to YouTube along with a music video in 2019.

Simon & Garfunkel first recorded the classic hit The Sound of Silence. Since then, many bands have tried to re-record the song, including Pentatonix. The group is composed of five singers who managed to surprise and delight their fans once again with their beautiful and haunting harmonies.

It is a tricky song to perform, but they showed that they knew just what they were doing.

Pentatonix is made up of Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Matt Sallee, according to Pentatonix's website. Sallee replaced Avi Kaplan after he left to strike out on his own in 2017, according to Tube Filter.

The group is amazing when it comes to recording different songs with their beautiful vocal harmonies. In fact, which other groups can combine basslines, beatboxing, percussion, and riffing together the way that they can?

This talented a cappella group captured millions of hearts when they covered Christmas classics and other modern songs. 

One has to listen to their version of The Sound of Silence to really understand what we are talking about. It is perhaps the best remake since heavy metal band Disturbed tried their hand at it.

When Hoying belts out the opening lines of the song and all of the members join in with their own unique harmonies, what is heard is unbelievable. This remake is truly one for the books. Pentatonix is quick to deliver another hit with their rendition of this classic.

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