Penguins At Newquay Zoo Happily Chase Bubbles From Donated Bubble Machine While Zoo Remains Closed

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

A recent video has surfaced that was shot at Cornwall, England's famed Newquay Zoo. This video shows the zoo's penguins having a great time chasing after bubbles that are being shot out of a bubble machine that was donated by a generous organization.

Since this adorable penguin video hit the web, it has brought in a massive audience of animal lovers from around the globe. It is one of those must-see videos for all of the animal lovers out there.

These Penguins Got Some Much-Needed Entertainment

One of the unfortunate side-effects of the Newquay Zoo being closed due to current health concerns is that the penguins have not had the stimulation and entertainment that they usually enjoy from seeing zoo visitors.

As Bored Panda reported, to help them out with some entertainment, an organization known as Little Surprises gave the zoo a bubble machine that has gone to use helping to keep these penguins happy. The penguins absolutely delight in being able to chase after the bubbles produced by the machine and it is an absolutely adorable sight to behold.

The Recent Closure Has Affected the Routine of the Zoo's Penguins

With the ongoing zoo closure, the penguins have had their usual routine disrupted significantly. These cute penguins usually have busy days filled with zoo guests and shows where they get fed. The zoo's current closure status has put a halt to this and these penguins were left needing some serious enrichment.

They have been getting plenty of it with this awesome bubble machine that was generously donated. The countless viewers around the world that have seen this adorable video have been delighted by the fact that these penguins have had their days brightened up by this generous gift.

This Video Manages to Achieve an Overload of Penguin Cuteness

These penguins are clearly fascinated by the bubbles produced by the machine. As soon as it starts going, they are looking up and all around and adorably waddling after each bubble.

It is quickly evident why this video has blown up so big across the world wide web since the footage was initially released. The video continues to bring in countless new views from around the world each day. People simply cannot get enough of the antics of this adorable group of penguins at the Newquay Zoo in England.

What was your first reaction when you saw these adorable penguins chasing after bubbles that were coming from a bubble machine? If you loved this cute video as much as so many others have, then help to keep it going by passing it along.