Penguin In Japan Used To Wear A Backpack And Walk To The Fish Market Each Day To Get Dinner For His Adopted Family

Dec 05, 2019

There's no shortage of videos or photos depicting cute animals. In fact, there are entire websites, social media accounts, and even businesses dedicated to filling the demand for cute animal content. Whether it's a cat hiding in a box, a dog looking down in embarrassment after tearing up a boot, or a bird eating out a person's hand, pets provide their owners with an endless amount of entertainment.

As fun and entertaining as these pets can be, there's something even more astounding about non-traditional pets. Although dogs, cats, fish, and birds make up a large majority of the animals that humans choose to have as pets, there are some notable exceptions.

It is these exceptions that tend to attract even more attention. On the one hand, they're still animals which are cute and funny. In addition, people aren't used to seeing such animals in the role of a pet. This leads to many questions and interested onlookers.

Penguins are one such pet. One penguin, in particular, used to attract a lot of attention no only for being a pet but for acting like a human as well.


In this video, first posted on Animal Planet, a penguin can be seen leaving a house as its owner looks on. The penguin has a backpack on and seems to know exactly where to go. It's clear that he does this quite often.

The penguin's name is Lala and he was the pet of a local Japanese family for ten years until his death in 1996 according to a Japanese blog. Lala was rescued from the line of a fisherman by the family and never left after being saved. Nobody could say no to a cute penguin who wants to stay.

Lala was trained to head to a fish store to pick up dinner for the family. He even wore a backpack in order to bring the food back successfully. Don't worry, Lala's rescuers treated her incredibly kindly. In fact, the penguin even has an air-conditioned room. That's not bad for a penguin who once lived in Antarctica.

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