Pawn Shop Owner Finds Motorized Wheelchairs In Back Of Store And Gifts 580 To People With Disabilities

Sometimes a single, simple act of kindness can significantly improve someone's life. Philip Pavone, a Vietnam War veteran who owns the AZ Pawn Shop in Norwich, Connecticut, performed 580 acts of kindness and transformed the lives of 580 people with disabilities.

Pavone decided it was time to clear out his stockroom. While doing so, he noticed there were a few motorized wheelchairs in the back. Rather than just throw them out, he decided to give them away to people who could use them.

He placed an ad in the local newspaper indicating they were available for free. He told Good News Network that within two weeks he had received inquiries from more than 60 people with disabilities asking if they could have one of the wheelchairs.

“At that moment, I realized how many people out there were suffering. It was unbelievable,” Pavone stated in an interview with Good News Network.

Most people take the ability to walk completely for granted. However, if you lose that ability or struggle to walk for more than a few feet, all of sudden you can't do most of the things you need to do in life, even basic things like getting to the toilet when you need to. Socializing and working pretty much becomes impossible.

Pavone read the letters asking for wheelchairs was and found that people had been unable to leave their homes for long periods of time, and a considerable number had no help at all at home.

Pavone researched motorized wheelchairs and discovered they cost at least $4,000, sometimes as much as $40,000 for a chair with a lot of features according to Pavone's GoFundMe. And the worst part? They aren't covered by insurance. Medicare will only cover the cost of manual wheelchairs and will not cover the cost of motorized wheelchairs used for transport outside the home.

Pavone, who is a cancer survivor, says he totally understands how important motorized wheelchairs are when it comes to mobility. Since 2009, he has been actively seeking out discarded motorized wheelchairs, repairing and refurbishing them, and giving them away to people in need.

If you want to donate to this worthy cause, AZ Pawn's Gift of Mobility gladly accepts donations of unused motorized wheelchairs. If you don't have a wheelchair to donate, you can donate cash on their GoFundMe site. Consider telling your friends and family about this worthy cause so they can donate as well and help totally transform a disabled person's life.