Patrick Swayze Begins To Sing And Crowd Goes Quiet – Gives Audience Goosebumps

Aug 05, 2020 by apost team

There's something enigmatic and intriguing about Patrick Swayze. The iconic actor was taken too early, but his memory has lived on through his movies and within popular culture. Although Patrick Swayze was a heartthrob to a whole generation many people may have not known that he was an actually a very talented singer. 

While Swayze excelled in acting more than in any other field, he certainly wasn't a man of only one talent. He was a jack of all trades and could dance and sing in addition to his acting chops. This was one of the reasons that he was cast in the monster hit "Dirty Dancing."

With countless scenes of dancing, Swayze was able to show off his diverse abilities. However, many people didn't know that Swayze was also a fantastic singer. Some of his die-hard fans may be aware of this talent, but others aren't as familiar.

Along with Larry Gatlin, the late actor performed a stirring cover of the classic song "Love Hurts". This rendition was performed at a concert meant to be a tribute to the late and great Roy Orbison. The duo captivated the audience with their stripped-down yet powerful performance.

In the video, Swayze can be seen seated next to Larry Gatlin who begins playing guitar. Swayze has nothing but a lone mic stand in front of him and begins bellowing out the first lines of the song. 

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