Patrick Stewart's New Foster Dog Is Constantly Smiling At Him

Audiences might know Sir Patrick Stewart best for his role as the stern Captain Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation or Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies, but those who follow the 78-year-old actor on social media know him for an entirely different role. Stewart is a famed humanitarian, posting pictures of the many dogs he fosters at his home in Los Angeles, California for Wags and Walks. In 2017, the world became enamored of Stewart’s relationship with his foster dog, Ginger. Stewart posted photos of the wonderful times he had playing and cuddling with the happy pit bull pup before she was adopted into a forever home in the fall of that year.

Stewart is at it once again, fostering a beautiful young dog to the applause of his legions of fans. Last week, Stewart introduced his Twitter followers to Emma, his latest foster dog. In the tweet, Stewart told his followers of how good and gentle the pocket pit bull mix is all the time. Reminding the world that fostering and adopting saves animals' lives, Stewart praised Emma as sensitive, intelligent, and gentle.

Since taking her into his home, Stewart’s Twitter is full of the happy times he shares with Emma. In one post, Emma looks on as Stewart reads a script for his new Star Trek series. In another, Emma lays on top of Stewart as the actor takes a nap. Stewart’s fans can’t help but remark at how Emma is smiling in each photo, tenderly loving her new daddy.

With all the love that Stewart has for the amazing dogs, fans wonder why the actor has never outright adopted one of his foster dogs. But breed-specific legislation in the United Kingdom prevents him from bringing a pit bull into the country, where he also has residences. Unable to bring his furry friends to Britain, Stewart does the next best thing by giving them a warm place to sleep as rescuers can find them a forever home.

Have you ever fostered a dog or cat in your home? What do you think of Sir Patrick Stewart fostering Ginger and Emma? Let us know in the comments and be sure to spread the word about the actor's acts of kindness!