Passengers Hear Haunting "Unchained Melody" Stop In Their Tracks Realizing It's Subway Singer

New York commuters are used to hearing and seeing musicians along their route. This is especially true in the subway, where performers often stop to play their music for the world to hear. The locals often walk right on by many of these people, but something about this particular noise captured their undivided attention.

On a subway platform in New York back in 2016, those commuters could hear the light strains of what sounded like a guitar, a gentle drum noise, and a deep voice. They had to stop and check it out for themselves.

As strangers stopped dead in their tracks to listen to this mesmerizing music, the two musicians kept making their presence known.

The spectacular rendition the two played was none other than “Unchained Melody.” Passengers couldn’t help but stop and listen to the haunting sound as the two played and sang on. You can see the normally busy New Yorkers pause and take a moment to listen to this beautiful melody playing in the busy subway.

Even the people getting off the subway end up pausing and turning to hear where that amazing voice is coming from. It is just that good. The singing man has passion and soul in his voice. The way he belts out his own unique version of the song leaves everyone around him with chills.

The impromptu video has since made the rounds on social media and for good reason. In fact, multiple versions of the same performance have been viewed nearly five million times. People are now beginning to recognize the man from the video, whose name is Mike Yung. He is now an up-and-coming musician- all thanks to his subway performance!

Mike had once been signed to a label owned by writer and producer Teddy Vann. Unfortunately for him, the company went under before he could record his album. That is when he decided to take his voice to the subway, TVOM reports.

He performed there for more than 37 years before getting a break on America’s Got Talent. Thanks to his beautiful voice, Mike was able to make it to the semifinal round. The judges absolutely adored his voice just as much as his fans did!

We hope he has another big break- he deserves it! If you are ready to hear his beautiful voice for yourself, click on the video below.

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