Passenger Rants About Enduring 4-Hour Flight Beside A 'Restless' 50-Pound Dog & Its Smoking Owner

Jun 23, 2023 by apost team

Flying can be challenging. You often feel rushed at the airport, and having to go through security can take longer than we’d like. Traveling by plane can become even more stressful when there is an argument or altercation during the flight. It seems these days there are more and more stories of drama and difficult situations starting on planes. 

Traveling with children and babies on a plane is perhaps one of the most challenging moments that any adult passenger could face, but what trumps those children in the list of most difficult people to travel with? Entitled adult passengers. 

In the case of television writer Juanie, she took her frustrations and disappointment for Delta Airlines on Twitter on June 19, 2023, when she had perhaps one of the most challenging flights of her life. 

In a series of tweets, Juanie revealed that when she arrived at her row on the plane, she was shocked to see a pit bull sitting on her seat. 

“So…I’m next to a yt girl who just asked if I would give up my seat for her pitbull. When I got to my seat she had the pitbull in my seat. And now she’s acting like I’m unreasonable. All for emotional support animals. In your fricken seat,” she shared. 

Frustrated at the predicament, Juanie proceeded to sit on her designated seat and endured the upsetting situation she was forced to deal with. 

“An update - the woman now stands up in her seat and in the aisle seat to get in and out of her row so her dog can walk on the ground since they both can’t walk out of the row normally. This is crap. @Delta,” Juanie tweeted shortly after. 

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Juanie further noted that the flight was four hours, and every little change in the plane made the dog “restless." “I am just..I’m back to being upset,” she described her emotions. In another tweet, she reiterated that the dog has been “fine and non-problematic,” and it was not its fault. 

“Genuinely upset that this was allowed by @delta because as far as I’m concerned it theirs fault. Me and the woman on the aisle now have dog hair on us. It’s just too much,” she voiced out

At one point, the dog seemed to have occupied the woman’s seat, which prompted her to ask the owner to fend the dog off. As a result, the dog has “blemished” her purse and stepped on the aisle seat woman’s purse too. 

To make matters even worse for Juanie, she was shocked that the woman even whipped out her banned vape while on the flight. “Where’s my refund…where are my credits? I need them now!” she tweeted. 

According to Delta Airlines' official guidelines, only “small dogs, cats, and household birds can travel in the cabin” and must be housed on a ventilated pet carrier that fits under the seat in front of the owner’s seat. 

The instructions clearly did not reach the passenger and her 50-pound dog. Besides, vaping was also not allowed per the Federal Aviation Administration, or the FAA, and is considered a federal offense

A mob of angry people on Twitter hounded Delta with the upsetting experience, with some getting at Juanie’s back on demanding a refund from the embattled airline. 

Delta’s social media representative responded to Juanie, apologizing for the said encounter, noting that it was not allowed, and asking her to message privately to settle the situation.

Have you ever flown with an animal? What do you think of Juanie’s frustrating encounter while flying? Would you have done anything differently than her? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends, and other loved ones!

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