Passenger Airplane Misses Tourists By Feet As It Lands At Airport

Jul 17, 2019

Skiathos Airport in Greece has become a popular spot for tourists to watch the planes arrive. That’s because the airport runway sits right next to the sea, providing an up-close, and sometimes terrifying, experience for onlookers. Someone recently captured incredible and scary footage of several airport landings.

The video shows the tourists, many with cameras in hand, awaiting the arrival of the planes. As the aircraft approaches, they appear to fly just feet over their head. Some duck in fear, while others try to catch a great selfie. The impact is so powerful that it knocked a few tourists off the ledge.

Not only is the runway at Skiathos unique due to its location, but it’s also extremely short at 5,341 feet. This forces pilots to use less fuel during takeoff so that the plane isn’t too heavy to lift off. Soon after takeoff, many planes have to land minutes later at the airport in Thessaloniki to get more fuel.

There are signs near the runway that offer a warning to onlookers. One sign reads “Danger: Please keep away from aircraft blast.” But the sign isn’t enough to keep tourists at bay, even after a tragic incident that happened at the same airport.

In fact, according to the Daily Mirror, last year a 12-year-old boy was watching the planes land with his father. The plane’s turbines were so powerful that they swept the boy up, throwing him 10 meters through the air. Thankfully, the boy survived the incident. 

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