Paris Morgan Brought To Tears After Audition On Australia's Got Talent

All the children that perform for talent auditions are truly courageous. Having to bare one's soul to an audience of strangers and a panel of celebrity judges is certainly not an experience for the faint of heart.

However, Paris Morgan is one child that doesn't let fear hold her back!

At 13, Paris got up on the Australia's Got Talent stage to belt out the Italian song, "Nella Fantasia". While anyone else might be terrified, Paris knows how incredibly talented she is.

Though she might be small, she certainly has a powerhouse voice that's strong enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Her performance was so incredible that the video is now going viral. Once you watch it for yourself, you'll see that Paris is clearly a star in the making.

In addition to her singing abilities, Paris speaks Italian, English, Welsh, and French. This girl has a bright future ahead of her! Once Paris finished her rendition of the beautiful Italian song, she began to cry. She was overwhelmed that her dreams were coming true!

For a long time, she hoped to sing on the world's stage and she had done just that.

While Paris wiped away her tears, she was shocked to see that the judges had begun to cry as well. Moved by the power of Paris' performance, the judges knew she was going to go far. They sent her on to go to the second round, excited to see what would be in store for her future.

Though she is only 13, Paris is already accomplishing major milestones. With parents as supportive as hers, she is bound to keep breaking barriers for the rest of her life.

With over six years of classical training, Paris is destined for BIG things. She wants to travel the world one day, sharing her voice with the world. Her dream venue is La Scala, the world-renowned Milan opera house.

From what we've seen of her talent, we're sure she'll get there in no time.

Give her performance a listen to see just how beautiful her voice is. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. And don't forget to pass this along to your friends and family so they don't miss out!