Parents Welcome Third Baby Girl Born On The Same Day As Her 2 Older Sisters

Sep 18, 2023 by apost team

A family in Ocala, Florida, has found themselves celebrating an extraordinary coincidence for the third year in a row. September 3, a date etched in the family's heart as the birthday of their two older daughters, Jasmine and Jessica, has now welcomed their youngest addition, baby Juliet, into the world on this very same day in 2023. 

The Turners, beaming with joy, find themselves in the midst of a heartwarming saga that has left their community in awe. Jeremy Turner, the elated father, could not contain his happiness about this pleasant coincidence. 

The Turner daughters were all born at Ocala Advent Health, per WCJB. The word started spreading around the hospital, and all the nurses already knew about it. Even the security personnel stationed downstairs were engaged in conversations about the family.

The journey began when Jeremy and his wife, Sauhry Turner, welcomed their first daughter, Jasmine, into the world on Sept. 3, 2023. However, they could not even predict that this auspicious date would become a recurring theme in their lives.

Exactly one year later, Sauhry gave birth to their second daughter, Jessica, on the very same day, solidifying the babies' connection. During Sauhry’s pregnancy with Jessica, they knew her due date coincided closely with Jasmine’s birthday. However, they never anticipated their second baby’s arrival on the exact same day.

This year, the family welcomed baby Juliet, marking the third consecutive year of birthday celebrations on this unique date. Jeremy admitted that there were even more shocks and surprises to the third birth. 

The medical staff attending to Sauhry during her deliveries shared in this astonishment, declaring that they had never encountered such an extraordinary series of births. As news of this incredible family coincidence spread throughout the hospital, amazement rippled through the corridors.

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"It was like deja vu all over again,” Jeremy said. “Everybody was shocked and surprised, they couldn’t even believe it.” 

While his wife was at the hospital with their new baby, Jeremy took some time to celebrate Jasmine and Jessica's birthday with their extended family. They had some cake and balloons, and then the girls opened their gifts. After the simple party, Jeremy returned to the hospital. 

Needless to say, the parents are looking forward to the next triple birthday celebration and believe it will be easy to pull off. They won’t even have to worry about forgetting one of their daughter’s birthdays. 

Looking ahead, Jeremy expressed his hope of creating special memories for his daughters by celebrating their birthdays at Disney World in the following year. This dream holds a special place in his heart, as Jasmine and Jessica are avid fans of Disney movies. 

“Celebrating their birthdays is going to be a special day for us because it’s for all three of them,” the proud dad said. “We would like to do something big for them maybe take them to Disney!”

For now, Jeremy and Sauhry also eagerly anticipate watching their three girls grow up together, sharing moments of laughter, play, and sisterly bonding, while also looking forward to witnessing the unique journeys each one will embark upon in the future. Despite sharing the same birthday, the parents swear their girls have different personalities.

For the Turner family, every good thing seems to come in threes, and September 3 has become a date of triple celebration and joy.

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