Parents Throw Teen Son Out Of Home And Don't Speak For Years Before Learning Of His Wealth & Requesting To Move In With Him

Sep 15, 2023 by apost team

Disagreements over career choices can strain family bonds. Some parents prefer to map out their children's career paths, and the child takes the hit when things do not go their way.

The issue of control usually begins during the child's formative years, and it peaks in their teenage years. This can be considered a time in the child's life when they learn more about themselves. If their interests clash with the ones their parents favor, a dysfunctional situation could set in. However, some children stand strong to follow their passion. 

In 2021, a Reddit user with the username OutrageousIndian shared in the AITA community how his parents threw him out of their home during his teenage years. The Redditor explained that years later, his folks reunited with him, only to demand that he forfeit his hard-earned property to them.

The OP (original poster) began by stating the kind of family he came from. As is the case in many families, there is often times a long line of people in one profession that everyone must follow. The Redditor started by explaining that he came from a family with a long line of doctors. He added:

"Being a doctor is the only acceptable profession in their eyes and anything aside from that is met with literal abandonment."

The Redditor explained that his decision to follow a different path and move out of the line of the family's career was not met with glee by his parents. He wanted to follow his passion, but things took a different turn since his passion was not in the profession his parents deemed fit. 

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The Redditor continued and explained what happened after he shared his dreams with his parents. He wrote:

"When I turned 17 and told my family I was NOT going to be a doctor but to build an acting career / social media career (youtube wasn't huge then) and supplement my income with small business endeavours." 

The OP further explained that after informing his parents of his plans, "they kicked me out and we subsequently lost contact for 17 years." In an edit, the Redditor clarified that the incident happened 19 years ago, and he believed being a social media influencer has been upgraded to mean socialite. 

The Redditor continued that although he wanted to be an influencer, "I had no real skills or plan." He added that he just wanted to become famous. Also, in the edit, the Reddit user shared that his parents kicked him out because "I wasn't a great child in their eyes in general and this was the final straw so to speak." The OP then went on to describe his parents as "desi parents." He relayed:

"Also desi parents are a different level of parents... from washing your fathers feet, to not speaking unless spoken to, not allowed to talk to opposite sex and viewing the head of house as an almost God figure, it's a bit different."

The OP relayed that his family relocated to the UK after he was kicked out. His sister became a doctor, and his older brother completed a competitive stream for neurosurgery. He continued that he reconnected with his family during COVID, and his family announced they wanted to move back to Sydney since his brother found a job that paid $750k yearly.

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The Redditor added that his family never asked about his career for the last two years before the meeting and "assumed I was just slumming it in Sydney." Unbeknownst to him, he did not make it big in acting, but he became a successful investment banker. 

The OP then shared that things came to a head when the family got together for home shopping. He had walked to them, and they questioned him about his car. When they realized that the houses cost more than they could afford, they decided to rest for the day and suggested going to his place before dinner. 

The OP added that when they arrived at his place, they thought he was renting a room and were shocked to learn that he owned the place. He added that they then accused him of lying to them and claimed that he met up with them to "rub their face in my 'probably illegally gained' wealth." He wrote:

"(They) capped it off by informing me that they'll be living with me now instead of with my oldest brother, since they can't be seen living in a worse house than their son."

The Redditor told them that they could not stay with him, and his parents threatened to "cut me out of their will," which did not bother him. He added that his parents had cut off communication, and his siblings said he should have informed them of his wealth. However, the OP wrote that if they had googled him, they would have found out. 

Other Reddit users also supported the OP. One wrote: "Why? So they'd talk to you again simply to see what they can get out of you?" Other Reddit users agreed that the family only wanted to use the OP as a status symbol. 

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Do you agree with how the Redditor stood his ground? What are your thoughts on parents influencing their children’s future or career paths? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others. 

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