Parents Of Five Receive Note From Stranger About Their Kids Behavior While Dining Out

Jan 06, 2022 by apost team

Going out to eat with a large family can be a little stressful. If you have a lot of young children, they can grow rowdy and like to run around and make noise regardless of their surroundings. This is a fairly common occurrence, so it really stood out when a family of seven were all having a quiet and respectful dinner at a restaurant in Woodlands, Texas in 2016. 

Maggie and Ryan Bokrost have five wonderful children, all between ages 4 to 14. These parents have done an excellent job at teaching their kids manners and how to behave when eating in a restaurant. One night they were all enjoying dinner at Rico's Hacienda when they were met with a surprise. After requesting the bill, Ryan was given a handwritten note instead.

The note thanked Ryan and Maggie for teaching their children to behave so courteously in public. It also said that they should be proud as parents and finished by telling the Bokrost family that they would be covering the bill for dinner. The family was stunned but used the opportunity to teach their children that they can make a positive difference in people's lives at any age.

The family wanted to thank the stranger but they had already left by the time the Bokrosts had finished eating. The note said that the family was a breath of fresh air in a time when children are usually allowed to run around and scream in restaurants. This is why they chose to cover the bill. Keep reading to learn more about this touching story of giving.  

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The Bokrost parents go out of their way to teach their children good values. It might not be something that every parent instills in their kids, but to Maggie and Ryan, it's incredibly important. Not only to the benefit of themselves but also to others. And the way they've raised their kids hasn't gone unnoticed by those around them. The couple spoke with the local news outlet KPRC 2 back in 2016, where Maggie said, "It's about being a blessing to everyone around you."

The loving parents have raised mature and obedient children that take pride in doing the right thing. Ryan added:

"We just try to make sure to let them know that when they are out in public, specifically, that they are well behaved."

Well, Ryan and Maggie's efforts did not go unnoticed. In fact, they were rewarded for their excellent work as parents when they ate out at a restaurant. After enjoying their meal at Rico's Hacienda, where the family of seven wasn't loud in any way and all five children were calm throughout the evening, Maggie and Ryan were happily surprised at the turn of events that took place after they asked for the bill. Ryan said:

"I asked for the bill and the waiter brought me the little booklet with the note in it. I was speechless and not quite sure what was going on."

This isn't really a common occurrence, so it's possible that Ryan immediately thought that the note had something negative written inside. After all, people are probably more likely to complain at an establishment than anything else.

The family had no idea what would be written in the anonymous note. However, soon enough they found out, and thankfully, it turned out not to be bad news. It read:

"Sir I was so impressed with your family tonight. Your children were well-mannered and courteous. You two should be proud as parents. You both have done well. It was my pleasure to pay your bill tonight. Your family is truly a breath of fresh air in the days of children screaming and running around. Have a blessed day and week."

Ryan and Maggie were both relieved and genuinely thankful for the kind anonymous note from a stranger. They wanted to thank the person but the note wasn't signed and the patron was long gone. Ryan told the news outlet:

"This person stepping out and bringing the good instead of the bad was very nice."

It's true that the anonymous patron didn't have to say anything and certainly didn't have to pay for the Bokrost family's meal. It's more common to complain but the person not only warmed the hearts of the Bokrost family they also set a wonderful example by acknowledging the kids' behavior and passing a good deed on to the family.

This story is a wonderful reminder to reinforce positive behavior instead of only punishing the bad, especially with children. It also is a sign to give freely if you are able to. Even a small gift or simple recognition can go a long way by brightening someone's day who may really need it.  

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