Parents Join Children's Dance Class For Special Performance

Phil Wright is a choreographer who came up with an amazing idea. He thought that it would be wonderful to have a dance class for adults and children. Normally, dance instructors separate the classes by age. Phil had no clue if his idea would work out.

An Unusual Dance Class

For most of his classes, the parents were thrilled to leave their child and take an hour-long break. Phil was not sure if the parents would give up that alone time to dance with their children. To his surprise, all of the parents wanted to take part in a parent-child class. He was even more surprised when videos of that class went viral.

Before Phil started his parent-child class, he used to choreograph routines for artists like Chayanne, Pitbull, Will Smith and Nicki Minaj. His one dream was to spread his passion and love of dance with students around the world.

The parent-child class began practicing the Earth, Wind & Fire song, “Let's Groove,” together. Soon, it was time to record their performance. Everyone was nervous before the big moment. They had no clue if the performance would be an amazing success or a complete dud.

The day of the performance arrived. To everyone's amazement, the dance was completely flawless. They hit every move in the choreography without a problem. As they danced, Phil watched them with a sense of pride. He had spent weeks teaching them the routine, and they had exceeded his wildest expectations.

You can see in the video below just how amazing the dance routine turned out to be.

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