Parents Install 2 Tiny Homes In Backyard So Their Teenage Daughters Can Live Close Yet Independently

Nov 22, 2022 by apost team

As children grow into teenagers and eventually young adults, it eventually becomes time for them to leave the family nest and become more independent. For some, this might mean moving across the country to study at college, while others might wish to simply move across town into a place of their own.

That time was approaching for one family from Henderson, Nevada, when husband and wife Matt and Linda realized their daughters, Ashley and Maddie, were already teenagers. This led them to look for a larger, more spacious house where their family could have more room. After a few years, the daughters were old enough to move out, but they wanted to stay close to their parents. 

This led Matt and Linda to look at container homes that could be installed in their backyard as a solution. They managed to find two container homes made by Alternative Living Spaces that were 340 square feet each. Each home cost $60,000 for the basic design or $70,000 for the fully furnished model.

The couple purchased two homes and set them up in their backyard, where they were hooked up to the main house's sewerage, power and water supplies. This arrangement gave their daughters an opportunity to be independent but also remain close.

Speaking to Tiny Home Giant Journey, Matt said, "It gives our teenage daughters some autonomy and some space but (they're) still in the backyard." He added:

“The girls can live in there but we both have aging sets of parents that are getting older and we thought, well, if we had these storage containers, we have this multi-generational setup that we could put them out there."

Each container is self-sufficient and includes a living area with a TV and a pull-out sofa that can act as a bed for guests. 

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Other amenities include a small kitchen with an induction stove, a microwave and a small fridge. The bathroom includes a walk-in shower and lots of storage space, while the bedroom houses lots of storage as well, since the beds are elevated and feature built-in drawers underneath.

The girls absolutely love having autonomy but also being close to their parents — despite the amenities, they still use their parents' house a lot. Maddie said: "I never cook in here. I live at home so I go in there and use their kitchen." Oh, the perks of living so close to home!

After some time, Ashley decided she wanted to go to college, so she moved away. But rather than leave the container empty, Braedon, a friend of Maddie's, moved in instead. He rents the home from Matt and Linda and is just as happy with the unique setup as the girls have been.

Maddie also decided to attend college later, but she has opted to stay living in the container home as campus life isn't for her. She explained:

"Living on campus is something that I never wanted to do, I really like being around my dad, he's one my best friends and I couldn't imagine being away from him."

The unique arrangement has clearly worked for the entire family, as well as friends of theirs like Braedon. People online were also impressed. One person wrote:

"This (is) a terrific idea, in this way the parents know where their daughters are, and they can be there for them in case the young women need them."

Meanwhile, another called Matt "thoughtful and considerate" for giving his kids their own space, as well as "making provisions for both his parents and his wife's parents if and when the need arises as they age."

What do you think about Matt and Linda's unique setup for their daughters? Would you ever live in this kind of arrangement with your kids? Let us know, then pass this on to friends and family so they can weigh in too!

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