"Parents Are The Problem" Writes Retired Teacher In Letter To Local Newspaper

Dec 20, 2019 by apost team

Lisa Robertson, a retired school teacher, wrote in to The Augusta Chronicle back in 2017 to aim the finger directly at parents. According to her, it’s them, not teachers, who’ve really dropped the ball in their children being educated by the public school systems,

Robertson first explains that parents aren’t teaching their children social skills, such as good manners, respect, and how to interact with peers and elders. Second, she accuses the parents of not providing the school supplies the children need to learn. 



She points to many children wearing shoes more expensive than the teacher’s attire whilst said students don’t have pencil and paper. Teachers, she claims, are the ones often buying these students the supplies they need.


Third, she questions how involved the parents of students in failing schools really are, asking how often they attend open houses, communicate with teachers, provide phone numbers to be contacted, ensure children are supplied, and monitor homework assignments.


Robertson continues the line of questioning with how well the parent knows what their child is doing at school, such as note-taking, listening in class, and whether or not they’re causing disruptions.

The note reiterates how the above factors make it obvious that it’s the parent, not teacher, failing here. She departs by saying that teachers can’t be both parent and teacher and that things will never improve until parents step forward to fulfill their own role.


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