Panda Keeper in Sichuan, China, Battles Adventurous Cubs

Few people relish the thought of doing manual labor and cleaning up leaves. When you throw some mischievous baby pandas into the situation, it can turn a routine job into a comical farce. 

Mei, a keeper at Chengdu Research Base a Giant Panda Breeding facility, recently had to deal with some unruly baby pandas.

The goal of the Chengdu Research Base is to help the Giant Panda population in a world where their survival is being threatened. The organization helps the pandas achieve greater success in reproducing and raising their young. As a result of efforts like these, Giant Pandas are no longer on the endangered list, but they're still considered a vulnerable species. as detailed here by The World Wildlife Organization

In a recent incident that was captured on video, one can observe that simple tasks at the breeding facility can be challenging for workers. In order to enter the area where she needed to do some chores, Mei had to come up with a creative solution when a group of cubs was playing near the entrance gate. She tossed a brightly colored broom to entice the cubs away from the gate. This way she could enter without the cubs exiting through the gate and running amok.

The cubs loved the colorful object, but Mei needed the broom back in order to do her chores, so she began to struggle with the cubs that were playing with it. One cub ended up pulling the head off of the broom. As the cubs began to have fun with the leaves, the simple chore became quite a test of perseverance.

Once she managed to get her broom away from the cubs, there was more havoc in store when the cubs became enthralled with the basket of leaves. As soon as Mei raked leaves into the basket, the cubs were tumbling in and out of the container. It became quite a cardio workout for Mei as she had to try and dodge the antics of the pandas while raking the leaves.

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