Pamela Anderson Reveals Her Favorite Place In Her Renovated Grandmother’s Farm, Which She Lives On

Feb 02, 2024 by apost team

Pamela Anderson has succeeded in many areas throughout her lifetime. She has a plethora of talents as she has worked as an actress, model, television personality, and author, most known for her time on the show "Baywatch" and being photographed for Playboy

She is also a proud mother of two handsome sons, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee from her famous ex-husband, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.  

In addition, she is a very vocal and active activist for animal rights, as well as many other notable causes. 

Being in the spotlight for so long, Anderson has learned to use her status as a celebrity to advocate for topics she strongly believes in and has continued to make headlines with her generous heart and beautiful appearance.

With a long list of public relationships and even more publicity following her work and activism, Anderson has easily continued to stay relevant as time passes. She has worked hard at making a name for herself and providing a great life for her two sons, as they have also grown up and even ventured into the spotlight themselves. However, Anderson did her best to keep their lives as private as possible during their childhood.

Anderson has faced some hardships in her life but has persisted nonetheless. She has never given up on following her passions while navigating a variety of career avenues and has also continued to help raise awareness about important social issues.

As the years went by, the actress decided to let go of one of her most cherished possessions, her home in Malibu as she sold it for a hefty price, in order to settle down for a quiet life on Vancouver Island.

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Pamela Anderson (1992), (Vinnie Zuffante/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

As the years went by, Anderson decided to let go of one of her most cherished possessions, her home in Malibu, which she sold for a hefty price, to settle down for a quiet life on Vancouver Island. She moved to her grandmother’s property on Vancouver Island to seemingly get in touch with her Canadian roots.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the actress was able to sell her beach house in the celebrity-filled area of Malibu for a whopping $11.8 million. 

The price was alright, as she was only a few million dollars short of the original asking price of $14.9 million. It was not the first time the star did her best to let go of the property as she also put it up for sale in 2013 for only $7.75 million.

The house seemed to have resonated with Anderson thanks to her role on “Baywatch” as it has a view of the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. The property also has a private entrance to the beach itself.

Anderson later decided to renovate and move to her grandmother’s property on Vancouver Island, and she shared more details in an interview with the Wall Street Journal in 2021. She mentioned that when her grandmother passed away, she “let it go” for over two decades while she focused on her work as an actress and traveled around.

She finally spent time renovating the property, and in addition to making the house look better than its former condition, she also wanted to live a sustainable lifestyle by creating gardens.

In 2022, Anderson took her fans for an adventure and showed her process of renovating with a wide range of audiences through the HGTV Canada show “Pamela’s Garden of Eden.

Pamela Anderson (2023), (Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment for Los Angeles LGBT Center via Getty Images)

In an interview with ET Canada in November 2022, the actress revealed that when HGTV reached out to her to have her renovation process documented, she didn’t hesitate as she believed it would be a fun experience.

“All my archives here and everything that was important to me so unloading them and building this place is just a real therapeutic experience for me and I thought, why not?” she said.

She later opened up about the most special thing about the Vancouver Island property, which spans over six acres, as she said that she considers the property her “sanctuary.” 

She also wanted the place to be somewhere her family members would go back to and visit when her children decide to have kids of their own.

The property itself has a few major areas, as reported by Square Yards. Namely, the Boathouse, where the actress lives, the Roadhouse, and the Cabin.

In one of the episodes of her HGTV show released in 2022, Anderson gave a glimpse of her simple life with four of her dogs as they roamed around the property freely, full of love for their owner.

“My dogs have more authority than anybody,” Anderson said.

She later introduced her lovely pets: the first one was Golden Retriever Zeus, whose real name is Zibizibizu, whom she considered a “healer.” The second one was Kai, a German Shepherd, as well as two other chocolate Lab Mastiff dogs named Lucky and Lola.

It appears that the actress’ fur family has already been extended as she mentioned in an interview with Variety in January 2023 that she had five adopted dogs that her parents were taking care of on her property.

Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee (1995), (Ron Davis/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

In an interview with People Magazine, Anderson opened up about the importance of going back to her roots in her pivotal decision to return to Vancouver Island. 

“I’m creating my life here now again where it all started. It’s been a wild ride, now full circle,” she confessed. “I left my small town in my early twenties for Playboy, traveled all around the world, just to come home - one of the most beautiful places on earth. I made it home in one piece, a miracle. I’m a lucky girl.”

As Anderson spends more time in her new sprawling property, she’s definitely loving the way the house brings her tranquility. In fact, she has her own favorite spot in her new home – her bedroom. 

“I love it and it’s the most sensual and clean space with a rain shower on a teak floor and sauna attached plus a bathtub is in my bedroom,” Anderson revealed of her sanctuary which was made of teak from “conflict-free areas.” 

While many would hope that Anderson would find someone who could be her partner for life to share her home with, the actress has already realized that future relationships should not come at the expense of her own well-being. 

In her documentary, “Pamela, A Love Story,” she fondly recalled the connection she forged with rocker Tommy Lee

“My relationship with Tommy may have been the only time I was ever truly in love,” she admitted, as quoted by People Magazine. “We had fun and our rule was no rules.”

In 2020, she married Dan Hayhurst. Sadly, after two years, they separated. A People Magazine source revealed that although they had “a lot in common,” they “fell out of love.” 

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