Owner Who Has Been Deployed For 2 Years Has Beautiful Reunion With Pet Dog

Janna Berger has owned her beloved dog Murphy for three years. Unfortunately for two of those years, she has been deployed by the military. 

On recently returning home, she was worried Murphy wouldn't recognize her after such a prolonged absence. But it seems that in spite of some initial trepidation, nothing could be further from the truth. 

When someone is deployed by the military, not only is their absence hard on the humans that get left behind but it also hard on the pets as reported here by the Animal Chanel. Obviously, two years is an incredibly long time, especially in the life of a dog.


As this video footage begins, you can hear Berger calling out Murphy's name. Not only was she worried that Murphy would not remember her, but she was also concerned that her military fatigues would be confusing to the dog.

When Murphy emerges from the house, he stops to look but then runs in the other direction. The owner gets down on her knees and calls to Murphy again, hoping to coax him over.

Murphy then runs back out but just begins barking loudly at the woman. You can tell she feels sad about this reaction, but she does not let it stop her from trying to reconnect with her dog.

Finally, Murphy apprehensively approaches the woman and sits down beside her. Recognizing that the dog may just need a little time to warm up to the situation, she gently pats Murphy. Once Murphy realizes who the strange woman is, he cannot get enough of her. Clearly, the woman is thrilled when Murphy finally recognizes her.

This touching video will make you smile. After you have watched all of the adorable reunion, be sure to spread the magic to everyone that you know.