Owner Of 17th Century Mansion Worth $89K Never Properly Cleaned Home & Hasn't Bathed In Years

May 31, 2024 by apost team

Imagine living in an enormous mansion that looks like a castle. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also filled with history as it’s been standing for centuries. 

Residing in a place like this is an ambition for many, but a woman named Cornelia Bayley is living the dream. However, there’s a big problem — she hasn’t bathed in a long time and even refused to use cleaning products to maintain cleanliness within the grounds of her home.

Bayley spoke in an interview in 2022 where she detailed her history. She bought a property called Plas Teg located in Wales back in 1985. At the time, it cost her £70,000, which by today’s standards is around $89,000.

The mansion was built by Sir John Trevor I in 1610, which means that the house has been standing for hundreds of years. 

Bayley, who is a retired antique dealer, wanted to maintain the same features of the house as were there in the 17th century, but that meant she had to invest a lot of money in order to do so.

After spending a lot for Plas Teg’s maintenance, the woman was almost left with no money and she only relied on her small pension and occasional paranormal evenings within the property.

In the video, the woman admitted that she hadn’t taken a bath in over two to three years.

“I can’t afford the hot water but in the 18th century, people didn’t bathe all the time so I’m just living in another age,” she said

Bayley also admitted that her bedding hadn’t been washed and her mattress, which could be a hundred years old, hadn’t been cleaned ever.

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She attempted to open Plas Teg to the public in order to have another source of income, but unfortunately, not everyone was pleased to go because of how filthy the place was.

Fortunately for Bayley, the "Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners" program was there to help with her big problem.

However, the cleaners, who were more than willing to help her even though they couldn’t stand the germs and dirt, were surprised as the woman refused to use any cleaning products, but she later agreed.

Along the way, they discovered a lot of things within the property to which one of the cleaners concluded that the woman might have been a “hoarder” because there were a lot of things not only in the kitchen but in other places of the house.

Bayley also encountered a problem as she didn’t like the two moving all of her collections as they cleaned.

“You know you can’t come to someone’s kitchen, my private room, and start putting things where you want them,” the woman told the cleaners.

Later in the video, Bayley was visibly upset as she told the cameraman that no one can alter things for her and she was really annoyed.

After 24 hours, the newly cleaned house was showcased, and it looked completely different from before as the dirt and build up over the past 29 years had been wiped clean. In the end, Bayley took a tour around her clean home and it appeared that she was happy and content with the result.


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